Team FX – Advanced Trading System

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Team FX – Advanced Algorithmic Trading PDF

Looking to take your trading to the next level? Implement strategies that can help make you a consistently profitable trader?
Look no where else than our advanced course, with over 40 In-depth videos of harmonic strategies we breakdown how to implement the fibonacci, three drives, gartley, butterfly and more in ultimate detail.
Furthermore we teach your our unique alternative day trading strategies on 1 minute,5 minute and 15 minute time frames with great risk reward

Here what you’ll get:

  • Harmonic Pattern Recognition Trading
  • Introduction
    Geometry of the Markets and Fibonacci Ratios (1:25)
    Harmonic Numbers (6:21)
    The AB = CD Pattern (24:37)
    The Gartley Pattern (15:22)
    The Butterfly Pattern (12:41)
    The Three-Drives Pattern (22:27)
  • Alternative Strategies
    Head and Shoulders Breakout Strategy (12:03)