[Group Buy] Anton Kreil – Professional Option Trading Masterclass (POTM)
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[Group Buy] Anton Kreil – Professional Option Trading Masterclass (POTM)



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Anton Kreil – Professional Option Trading Masterclass (POTM)

Here What You’ll Get:

  • (1) Video Training (28 Videos)
  • (2) Practice Guide (PDF)
  • (3) Spreadsheets
  • POTM video 1_Defining the Mandate 1
  • POTM video 2_Defining the Mandate 2
  • POTM video 3_Filtering Options Trading Strategies for Usefulness_(new)
  • POTM video 4_Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 1 – Advantages_(new)
  • POTM video 5_Marginal Benefits of Options Trading 2 – Disadvantages_(new)
  • POTM video 6_Long Call and Put Options Formalized_(new)
  • POTM video 7_Naked Short Puts _(new)
  • POTM video 8_Naked Short Calls_(new)
  • POTM video 9_The Covered Call_(new)
  • POTM Video 10_The Covered Call Collar_(new)
  • POTM video 11_Index Options and Portfolio Hedging Methods_(new)
  • POTM video 12_Options Spreads 1_(new)
  • POTM video 13_Options Spreads 2_(new)
  • POTM video 14_Market Makers, Volatility _ Greeks_(new)
  • POTM Video 15_Recap What We Have Learnt So Far_(new)
  • POTM video 16_Ratio Spreads 1_(new)
  • POTM Video 17_Ratio Spreads 2_(new)
  • POTM video 18_Ladder Spreads 1 _(new)
  • POTM Video 19_Ladder Spreads 2
  • POTM Video 20_Volatility Masterclass 1_(new)
  • POTM Video 21_Volatility Masterclass 2_(new)
  • POTM Video 22_Long Straddles_(new)
  • POTM Video 23_Long Strangles_(new)
  • POTM Video 24_Strap Straddle_(new)
  • POTM Video 25_Strip Straddle _(new)
  • POTM Video 26_Strap Strangle_(new)
  • POTM Video 27_Strip Strangle_(new)
  • POTM Video 28_Recap and Exam Preparation _(new)


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