[Group Buy] Becomealivinggod – Mastering Evocation & Possession
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[Group Buy] Becomealivinggod – Mastering Evocation & Possession



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Becomealivinggod – Mastering Evocation & Possession

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The secret inner psychology of evocation that ignites the most powerful, and safest results – section 3
  • The core essentials of clairvoyant scrying to make preparatory contact with your target spirit – section 5
  • Beginner-friendly ways to successfully evoke your first angel or demon – section 6
  • The Holy Grail of Evocation – how to initiate The Transfiguration of Consciousnessto see and hear summoned spirits – section 7
  • The BEST manifestation bases, and how to structure an astral matrix, for a spirit to incarnate into a physical body – section 7
  • Rituals for summoning ANY type of entity, including Archangels, Demonic Gatekeepers, Aeonic Gods, elementals, planetary intelligences, and MORE
  • How to summon multiple entities at once, and command ENTIRE LEGIONS – section 12
  • Strategies for harnessing the power of group evocation to amplify the energy of rituals – section 13
  • Rituals for undergoing POSSESSION to inherit all the magick powers of your spirit, and companion rites for effectively exorcising the entity afterward – Section 16
  • Negotiation methods for demonic PACT MAKING that guarantee a fair contract and highly profitable outcome – section 18
  • Simple techniques for BINDING SPIRITS to physical objects and locations to capture their psychic energy and unique powers – section 19
  • Expert advice for handling key situations – like what to do if a spirit doesn’t show up, or refuses to leave, or haunts your living space, or invades your dreams
  • How to evoke AEONIC GODS and influence the Destiny of Humanity – section 20
  • The Devil’s Stone – the ULTIMATE ritual of omnipotence for materializing physical objects – section 21
  • Full length infernal grimoire featuring angels and demons able to satisfy any desire imaginable (most of whom I discovered MYSELF) – part 3 of workbook



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