Mastertrader – Master Trader Option Strategies Series for Investors and Active Traders

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Below are the 10 Modules for this Option Strategies Series, which have been artfully created to take you on an educational Journey to Option Trading Mastery!

I. Foundation of Options Trading and Markets

  • Introduction to Options
  • Call and Put Options and When Used
  • Understanding Option Terminology and Quote Screen
  • Using Technical Analysis With Option Trading

III. Mastering Covered Calls for Monthly Income and Boosting Returns

  • Covered Calls Defined and Risk Graph
  • Buying Covered Calls as Mildly Bullish Directional Trade
  • Selling Calls Against Holdings for Income
  • Selling Calls Against Holdings to Reduce Cost Basis
  • Selecting Optimal Strike and Expiration
  • Buying Covered Puts as Mildly Bearish Directional Trade

V. Option Strategies for Bearish Directional Trades

  • Buying Puts as Bearish Directional Trade
  • Selecting Optimal Strike and Expiration
  • Bear Put Spreads as Mildly Bearish Directional Trade
  • Bear Diagonals as Bearish Longer Term Directional Trade
  • Management Strategies

VII. Option Strategies in Sideways Markets and Explosive Moves

  • Short Straddles and Strangles
  • Long Straddles and Strangles
  • Short Iron Condors for Range Bound Markets
  • Iron Butterflies
  • Numerous Examples, Plus Management Strategies

IX. Trade/Money Management and Adjustment Strategies

  • Money Management
  • Adding or Adjusting Positions as Bias Changes
  • Legging Into Iron Condors
  • Defensive and Offensive Rolling Techniques
  • Rolling Option Strikes Up/Down as Bias Changes
  • Rolling Option Expiration Up/Down as Bias Changes
  • Repair Strategies

II. Basics of Time Decay, Volatility, and Timing for Option Traders

  • Options Pricing and the “Greeks”
  • How Theta (Time Decay) Provides Edge to Option Sellers
  • VIX (“Fear Index”), High IVR, and Timing for Option Sellers
  • Normal Distribution and Probability of Profit

IV. Option Strategies for Bullish Directional Trades

  • Buying Calls as Bullish Directional Trade
  • Selecting Optimal Strike and Expiration
  • Buying Bull Call Spreads as Mildly Bullish Directional Trade
  • Buying Bull Diagonals as Bullish Longer Term Directional Trade

VI. Selling Options for Income Generation and Paycheck

  • Selling Naked Puts
  • Selecting Strike Price/Expiry
  • Selling Bull Put Spreads
  • Numerous Examples, Plus Management Strategies
  • Selling Naked Calls
  • Selling Bear Call Spreads

VIII. Trading Options on Gaps and News Stocks

  • Trading News
  • Pro Gaps
  • Trading Gaps
  • Novice Gaps
  • High IVR Patterns

X. Psychology, Trading Plan, Miscellaneous, and Bringing it All Together!

  • Discipline/Psychology
  • Trading Plan
  • Miscellaneous Topics
  • Review of Strategies in 4 Stages
  • Test Your Knowledge
  • Concluding Thoughts and Next Steps!