Trading Cryptocurrencies

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Success in Cryptocurrencies
Lets face it, trading currencies can be an intimidating proposition. ICOs, exchanges, market volatility come together to create an environment that is both complex and financially rewarding. This course covers topics ranging from market psychology to executing a trade and teaches you everything you need to succeed in trading cryptocurrencies.

So you want to trade Crypto
Do you want to be a part of the biggest trading opportunity of our time? We are on the cusp of a new era in trading, investing and technological development.
The problem with being a part of this unique project is opportunity is that it can be completely and utterly overwhelming. Experienced stock traders and newly interested parties alike can feel lost in the new crypto market. BTC? BCCUSD? ETHBTC? Yeah, it’s a bit complicated. At the Chart Guys we have been guiding our members through these turbulent waters and have emerged as one of the premier leader in the Technical Analysis of the crypto currency space. Through this experience we have seen first hand the most common questions and concerns new traders have. Now we are passing this knowledge on to you.

This course will help you learn everything you need to succeed in trading Crypto-Currencies and provide you with the best possible start to trading in this developing market
This course pack starts by discussing the origins and importance of the crypto currency markets and reviews basic concepts every trader needs to know. Next, the this course moves on to discuss human psychology and how individual and group interaction is played out in the Crypto markets, and more importantly, how to use this to your advantage. We then move on to review key indicators used to trade Cryptos and introduce several methods for trade analysis. All of this knowledge is then incorporated in a section guiding you through the complete execution process: how and why we make trades. Lastly, the course reviews several key tools, websites and research applications that will guide you through your career as a successful trader.
We thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you find this course to be a valuable educational experience.

Here what you’ll get:

  • Module 1: Course Outline
    Unit 1: Course Outline
  • Module 2: Introduction
    Unit 1: A Brief History
    Unit 2: Trading Stocks Vs. Crypto
    Unit 3: Trading Stocks Vs. Crypto Pt. 2
    Unit 4: Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
    Unit 5: Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Module 3: Psychology and Systems
    Unit 1: Psychology Vs. Technicals
    Unit 2: Psychology Vs. Technicals Examples
    Unit 3: What is FOMO?
    Unit 4: Stop Losses & Lifestyle
    Unit 5: Physical and Emotional Well Being
    Unit 6; Comparisons to MJ Trading
  • Module 4: Indicators & Analysis
    Unit 1: Indicators & Analysis
    Unit 2: Indicators: RSI
    Unit 3: Indicators: Volume
    Unit 4: Indicators: MACD
    Unit 5: Indicators: Momentum & Trends
    Unit 6: Analysis: Action or Patience
    Unit 7: Analysis: Equilibrium Patterns
    Unit 8: Analysis: Trends VS Price Levels
    Unit 9: Risk VS Reward
  • Module 5: Execution
    Unit 1: Types of Orders
    Unit 2: Where to Place Trades
    Unit 3: Which Timeframe to Use
    Unit 4: Managing Positions
    Unit 5: Swing Trading
    Unit 6: Playing Bearish
    Unit 7: Averaging Down VS. Up
  • Module 6: Tools
    Unit 1: Trading View
    Unit 2: Coingy
    Unit 3: GDAX Layout
    Unit 4: GDAX Bots
    Unit 5: GDAX Walls
    Unit 6: GDAX Orders
  • Module 7: Conclusion
    Unit 1: Essential Takeaways
    Unit 2: Bonus: TA Tips