TopTrade – BETT Strategy (Breakout Entry Two Target Strategy)

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TopTrade – Bett Strategy Stocks (Breakout Entry Two Target Strategy)

Now you can track and trade the dominant force between the buyers and the sellers in any market with the TOP BETT Strategy! Simply enter trades when prices cross above or below the lines displayed right on your chart. It doesn’t get any easier than tha!
For Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX Markets
The TOP BETT Strategy is designed to capture profits from directional price moves in any market, including Stocks, Options, Futures, and FOREX markets. The TOP BETT Strategy is designed to follow the buyers when they’re stronger or follow the sellers then they’re stronger, giving you the advantage of jumping in with the stronger market force!
The TOP BETT Strategy was developed by a friend of Hubert Senters’ who was using it for entering and managing trades in the FOREX markets. Hubert saw how well it was performing in that market and asked if he could use it in other markets. We did our research, followed the original rules for the strategy, and to our surprise it worked for Stocks, Options, and Futures as well. We modified the logic behind the lines to optimize it for the non-forex markets and now it’s available to you!
Imagine not having to predict where prices are going! One of the most challenging parts of trading is guessing the direction of a market. But now you don’t have to guess the direction of the markets you trade anymore. The TOP BETT Strategy is designed to calculate the Buy and Sell Entries, Stops, and Targets based on our proprietary algorithm at the opening bell each day.
You just wait for the price to hit one of the lines and enter where the BETT Strategy tells you to!
You can see in the above chart of Citigroup (C) that prices moved up quickly. As they cross the green buy line, that’s your signal to buy. You don’t have to wonder when to get in a potential winning trade; the BETT Strategy takes the guesswork out of your trading. And the best part is, that you didn’t have to predict this up move ahead of time!
Another difficult aspect of trading is trying to find the best place to exit winning trades. With the TOP BETT Strategy, you now have two strategically positioned profit targets to exit winning trades. Or, if you prefer, you can hold your trade until the close of the trading session. Once a trade becomes profitable, you’re in the driver’s seat!
With the Top BETT Strategy, you have the option to exit winning trades at one of two strategically positioned profit targets, or you can hold your winner for bigger potential profits. In this example, you can see that both Profit Target 1 and Profit Target 2 were hit, giving you the ability to exit partial profits or close your trade at one of two clearly defined exit locations.
The TOP BETT Strategy gives you the ability to potentially profit from both up moves and down moves in markets. This means that if prices start to fall for a market you trade, you can now use the TOP BETT Strategy to initiate a short position which allows you to profit from falling prices.
In the chart above, Gold futures started the session trading in a narrow range. Then, all of the sudden, heavy selling entered the Gold market causing Gold prices nosedive. With the TOP BETT Strategy you know to sell once it crosses red Sell Line (see red Sell Signal arrow). And you didn’t have to predict the direction of this big down move in Gold!
In this case, if you believed that Gold had more downside potential, you could hold your short position for potential larger profits. And, as it turned out, the selloff in Gold had a lot farther to go and your short trade exploded into a highly profitable trade.
Deciding where to enter and exit trades is a serious dilemma for traders. But now, that task is simple! With the TOP BETT Strategy, you can easily see where to enter and exit trades using the colored guidelines displayed right on your price chart.
Notice in the price chart of Apple (AAPL) above, the TOP BETT Strategy provides strategically located Buy, Stop, and Target as well as Sell, Stop, and Target price levels, showing you where to enter and exit trades. Knowing where to exit losing trades is key to managing your account risk.
One of our top priorities when developing the TOP BETT Strategy was to remove complicated parameter settings, which makes using this trading indicator super simple for any trader. You don’t have to worry about having the wrong settings for a parameter anymore, and you don’t have to invest large amounts of time understanding what each parameter is designed to do. All you have to do is apply the indicator to your chart and start using it!