SMB & Bruce Bower – Peak Performance Trading and Investing

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SMB & Bruce Bower Trader – Peak Performance Trading and Investing

How to Win the Fundamental & Mental Game

Here is what’s included : 

  • How to structure a winning methodology that works for you
  • The statistical underpinnings of any winning style or methodology
  • A straightforward way to make simple, disciplined decisions every time
  • The psychological tools that peak performers use to manage emotions
  • The visualization tools that athletes use to implant success in their minds
  • How to create a journal and use it to enhance your trading and investing
  • How to trick your mind to avoid fear and greed, staying focused on making the right decisions
  • How to achieve consistency in your trading
  • The mindset and thought processes of top performers—and how you can adopt the same mindset
  • How top performers are constantly reviewing and tweaking their work, and how you can benefit from the process in your trading and investing