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Cardwell Rsi Edge PDF – RSI Edge

The EDGE Course takes what is first learned in The Basic Course to a whole new level of understanding and insight into the markets. The course comes with 10 audio cd’s (about 11 hours again) of the audio to go along with the charts and illustrations in the manual. In this level Andrew includes some of his proprietary trend and trade models.
He also shares his personal RSI which he first called the Cardwell Financial Group Momentum Oscillator. He has since renamed it The “CFG”. Many of his students actually look to the CFG before they look at the RSI. This level, though it is presented as a course, it can actually serve as a reference manual for your trading. (The RSI EDGE also includes 2 hours of private consultation as well.)

Here’s What’s Included:       

  1. Trading vs Making Money – A Big Difference
  2. Trend Analysis through Range and Moving Averages
    Trend Analysis through Range Analysis
    Moving Averages of Price and RSI
    Guidelines for Trend Analysis
    Acceleration Factor: Combination of Range Rules and Moving Averages
  3. Pattern Recognition / Divergence
    Rising Bottoms / Declining Tops
    Signal Counts: 2, 3, 4 5
    Complex Patterns
    Hidden Signals
    Cardwell Weekly RSI
  4. Pattern Recognition / Positive & Negative Reversals
    Signal Counts
    As a Price Targeting Tool
    Reversal Failures
  5. Price Analysis with Trend Line Analysis
  6. CFG mo (My Personal RSI)
    Pattern Recognition / Positive and Negative Reversals
    CFG mo and RSI Combinations
  7. Money Spreads
    Moving Average Combinations for Trend Analysis and Trend Change
  8. Closing Review and Overview of Current Markets
    Review of RSI Edge
    Trend Analysis Checklist
    Overview of Current Markets and Outlook
    Q&A/Open Forum