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Simpler Trading – Raghee Horner – Cd Money Market Math Formula

How to Grow Any Size Account with a Time Tested Formula
Sit back and relax while Raghee Horner shows you the Market Money Math secrets of how to make 60% return in 60 days. Learn these winning strategies that apply to any size account, in any market regardless of how long you’ve been trading. Market Money Math is an addition to your current trading tools to help you define proper position sizing, risk levels and develop powerful watchlists. You will learn how to create consistent positive results despite volatility events by applying The Market Money Math Method. Watch over Raghee’s shoulder as she looks for market trends, strong setups, and dives deeper into the knowledge behind Market Money Math. Let Raghee show you how to over obstacles that stops some traders in their tracks. How to overcome the fear of losing money, time restraints, lack of capital and market volatility.

Here’s What’s Included:       

  • Who Uses This Strategy: Raghee Horner
    What: Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Risk of ruin is the term used when a trader loses a significant amount of their account. What is “ruin” to Raghee? A loss of 50% of the total account size. That means just to break even on your account, your win rate would have to be near 100%. Raghee will teach you how to prevent a single trade from being able to inflict significant damage to your account. You will learn how to manage risk that will allow you to measure what an “affordable/appropriate entry level is and allows you to avoid “risk of ruin” if consecutive losses occur.
  • The Market Money Math Class:
  • How to book consistent wins even with a small account.
  • The secret to maintaining a positive P&L.
  • Why this formula is effective on any account size from 5k to 100k.
  • How to create and trade with an 85% win rate.
  • How to strictly limit risk and enjoy rapid returns with confidence.
    Includes: Market Money Math Chartbook Examples
    Sanity Check and Market Money Math Checklists
    How to Supercharge trades with Themes, Groups and Ideas to Trade Lists
    5 Days Live Trading Sessions with Raghee Horner (Recorded)
  • Decoding Swing Trading Bonus:
    Learn how Raghee uses her technical indicators to capture her S.W.I.N.G. trade methods. See how she utilizes two trade setups to capture the profitable moves in the markets. You will learn how to get the best entry prices with the least amount of risk. This will help you jump start your Swing Trading opportunities.
    Asset Class/Markets: Whether you trade Futures, Options, ETF’s even Forex your account could’ve been up 60% in 60 days by using Market Money Math. And in this choppy summer trading season which is exactly when this was achieved. It’s about consistent steady gains by doing this 4th grade math before you take the trade.
    Skill Level: Everyone needs Market Money Math! Market Money Math is not just for new traders or Traders struggling to achieve account growth. Traders that are also challenged with stagnant account growth and who want to accelerate account growth without unnecessary risk and its simple arithmetic.
    Why Buy This Class: Increase your trading confidence. This Market Money Math is what you need. Once you understand the process, you’ll know what to trade, you’ll learn how to supercharge your trades while reducing risk, you’ll know how much you can risk (affordability) and you’ll know how to scale out with profits. You’ll feel more confident and secure in your trades and you’ll be looking forward to looking at our accounts.
  • Course Breakdown
    Chapter 1: The Moneyball Formula: 38 minutes
    Chapter 2: The Math and the Market: 46 minutes
    Chapter 3: Supercharging Trades: 59 minutes
    Chapter 4: A Look at the Charts: 47 minutes
    Chapter 5: Swing Trading and Q&A: 40 minutes
    5-Days Live Trading Sessions