Jeff Ziegler – Credit Spread Trading Made Simple 3.0

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Credit Spread Trading

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Monthly Options ($997 Value)
– How to get plugged in to Low Risk, High Probability trades every month. By the end of the Bear Call, Bull Put, and Iron Condor Modules… the market’s direction won’t matter because I’ll have a strategy to profitably trade in a bullish market, bearish market, or one that is just headed sideways.

Weekly Options ($997 Value)
– How to bring in income every single week (instead of having to wait a month to get PAID!)… using Jeff’s Conservative and Aggressive approach. So no matter what my trading personality is, I’ll have a strategy to leverage my dollars like crazy on a weekly basis.

Green Coats vs. Red Coats ($197 Value)
– A new way of thinking about support and resistance (that is way more accurate and easier to identify than anything I’ve been taught).

Candlestick Patterns ($250 Value)
– Being able to identify correct candlestick patterns is incredibly important for profitable trading. By the end of this module, I’ll know Jeff’s favorite patterns and be able to spot them on a chart.

Technical Capacity Module (also called the CSTMS Module – a $497 Value)- which features in depth training on…

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