[Group Buy] Dan Sheridan – THE ALL PUT FLAT BUTTERFLY
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[Group Buy] Dan Sheridan – THE ALL PUT FLAT BUTTERFLY



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Dan Sheridan


This is one of the unique strategies from within the Sheridan Community.
In this class, Dan Sheridan shares with you how he constructs, trades, and manages the all put flat fly.
This class is a collection of video recordings from the actual live class that was previously offered. Upon purchase, an email will be sent containing login credentials needed to access the archived class page. Purchasing access to a class gives access to all class recordings as well as trade updates, PDF’s, and PowerPoints. Any questions? Email us at info@Sheridanmentoring.com

Here is what’s included : 

  • Class #1 with Dan: All PUT Flat Fly
    0:00- Introduction, Philosophy and Outline of All Put Flat Fly
    10:55- Dan Puts on Live Trade, All Put Flat Fly in SPX
    34:55- Whiteboard Teaching on the All Put Flat Fly, discussing structure and characteristics of this trade.
    54:10- SPX All Put Flat Fly Components
    59:46- All Put Flat Fly Cost and Basics
    62:00- Upside Adjustments: Put Credit Spreads
    71:00- Downside Adjustments: Put Debit Spreads
    75:34- End
  • Class #2 With Mark Fenton: The All PUT Flat Fly
    0:00- Dan introduction and discussion of his previous live trade.
    20:00- Introduction of the All put fly and Mark’s experience with it.
    27:00- The basic set of the SPX all put flat fly and profit /loss levels.
    31:00- Adjusting the all put flat fly.
    37:00- Graph examples of all put flat fly set up and adjustment.
    47:00- Graph examples of second adjustments to the fly.
    51:00- Live trade example.
    69:00- Q& A, End
  • Class #3 With Dan: Contrasting Different All Put Flat Fly Methodologies.
    0- Introduction
    0:45- Review of Live Class Trades
    21:30- Review of Mark’s All Put Flat Fly and Risk Management Guidelines
    29:20- Q & A
    32:51- 1 Year SPX Price Chart
    32:57- Example of 46 Day All Put Flat Fly (Dan comparing different adjustment methodologies)
    37:37- Above example 2 days later on a big down day.
    42:12- Mark’s Upside Adjustment: The Double Butterfly
    47:21- Put Credit Spread Adjustment on the upside
    53:50- Wider Put Credit Spread Adjustment on the Upside
    56:24- Longer Duration All Put Flat Fly: 66 Days till Duration
    59:25- Shorter Term All Put Flat Fly: 16 Days till Expiration
    62:30- Looking at the Market on a big down day, SPX down 1.5% today. Discussed Standard Deviation.
    61:35- End
  • Class #4 with Dan: Short Term All Put Flat Flys
    0- Introduction
    3:07- Comment on current Live Class Trades
    3:55- Short term 14 Day All Put Flat Fly example with Guidelines and Adjustments
    26:15- Dan’s favorite way of doing Short Term All Put Flat Fly
    28:47- Discussion of Live 2 Day Chicago seminar June 15-16, 2017
    29:50- Review of Live Class Trades, discussion of adjustments, methodology and some Q&A.
    57:43- End




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