David DeAngelo – Advanced Dating Techniques

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David Deangelo Books PDF – Advanced Dating Techniques

Here’s Your Chance To Learn Directly From The Masters (Just Like I Did) With 6 HOURS Of ADDITIONAL Training From My Special Guests
Here What You’ll Get:

Harness The Mind-Blowing Power Of Online Dating

  • My first SPECIAL GUEST reveals all about creating seismic online dating success, from the secrets of creating killer ads… to mastering instant messengers, social networks, and other tools… to meeting tons of women by “remote control” from the comfort of your home.

Trigger Massive “Biological Attraction” That Women Can’t Resist

  • My next guest’s theories led me to some of my biggest breakthroughs with women and dating. He’s a world-renowned evolutionary psychologist who specializes in the study of mating and behavior… and he’s going to share how to BIOLOGICALLY drive a woman to want you (whether she can figure out why or not).

Go From Zero To Hero With High-Quality Women

  • A friend of mine who wrote the best-selling book on “the game” of meeting women and has been called the greatest pickup artist in the world (he regularly appears in the New York Times, Rolling Stone magazine, and several other major national music publications) and he shares his very best lines and step-by-step routines for creating massive attraction. PLUS 8 More!
  • That’s 11 in all of the world’s top authorities on meeting women and creating ATTRACTION.

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  • Optional audio CD – in addition to the online format. (just $3.99 extra!)
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