Day Trade Ideas – Day Trade Training Course

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Day Trade Ideas

Here What You’ll Get:

  • PART 1.
    Module 1: Basics of Technical Analysis
    Module 2: The trend is your friend.
    Module 2a: Trend Lines
    Module 3: Candlesticks and Patterns Formations.
    Module 4: Moving Averages as basic Indicators
    Module 4a: Live Analysis
    Module 5: Indicators & oscillators that work consistently for me. Measure trends, identify trade signals.
    Module 5a: Live Analysis
    Module 5b: Live Analysis
    Module 6: Various Classical Patterns you must learn – identifying trend reversal & continuation.
    Module 6a: Live Analysis
  • PART 2.
    Getting down to placing real trades.
    Module 7: Putting it all together – Finding areas of confluence for low risk trading opportunities.
    Module 7a: Live Analysis
    Module 7b: Live Analysis
    Module 8: How do I set up a trade?
    Module 9: The Golden Rules of survival & maximizing profit