Tradingeducators – How to Retire with Considerable Wealth

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Day Trading Joe Ross Ebook Download

Tradingeducators – How to Retire with Considerable Wealth

This eBook presents a progression of thought and techniques in using the stock market that causes your money to work for you. If the content of this book were taught in schools, there could be an end to poverty for millions of people.” ~ Joe Ross

  • Message from Joe Ross
    The knowledge contained in Money Master, belongs in every home. It should be taught in schools around the world. It belongs to both the worlds of trading and of investing. Anybody can easily find the way to consistent profits by applying the strategies revealed in this eBook.
    The beauty of these strategies is that your money will work for you, as the best worldwide businesses make your money grow and compound. There is also little risk in using the strategies in this eBook – so little, in fact, that you will often not even think about risk. The strategies allow you to be as passive or as aggressive as you wish.
  • Highlights of what you will learn
    Building the Foundation
    Joe Ross wants you to think about this statement, “When I decide I want to own something, I try to buy the best quality for my money.” This should also be true for you.
    In Money Master, you will discover how to identify the best companies in the world, what their characteristics are, and how to apply the strategies using these great companies to make your money grow and compound.
  • A Different Mindset
    To employ and enjoy the strategies explained in Money Master, you might have to do a complete mental turnaround. Why? Having been a day trader for many years, he used to quickly respond to the movements seen on price charts. However, with the methods you’ll see here, you’ll have lots of time to think, and to plan, as well as to act.
    Joe Ross says it best. “When I bought anything as a trader, my profits were based on my expectation that prices would move higher. If prices fell, my heart, along with my hopes, fell with it. Conversely, if I sold something my anticipation was for falling prices. If prices rose, I would suffer a loss. My hope of selling high and buying back at a lower price was shattered, as was a piece of my ego.“
    However, with the strategies in this eBook, instead of a market meltdown causing you to panic, you won’t mind it at all. Huge market swings will no longer be a problem. You’ll be in for the longer term, and enjoy the situation both when prices rise and when they fall. You’ll have the best of both worlds while your money will be growing and compounding.
  • Three-way Collecting
    You will learn an amazing way to collect money from different “sources” with little effort. Have you ever collected rent from a house that you owned, even though the house was not occupied? How about a situation in which you could collect rent from a house that you didn’t own? You will learn how to do the equivalent of that in the world of investing, and how to put your money to work for you.
  • The Options Secret
    You will learn the options secret, an easy way to trade options so that you profit, by understanding the single most important and surest thing that always works in your favor. It is the opposite of what you hear from brokers and exchanges, and that should not surprise you at all!
    By applying what you find in Money Master, you will profit if the market is flat, moves away, or even if it moves slightly against you. Because of that, you will not have to be precise in determining market direction. You will learn to do the opposite of what the public usually does, and you will be profitable.
  • Being part of the best opportunities worldwide
    If someone comes along and says, “I have a business that makes billions, and I’m willing to let you in on it,” shouldn’t you want to get in on it? You’ll see, through several case studies, how you can passively own great businesses, or how you can be a bit more aggressive in doing so. Either way, your money will earn money for you. By applying what you learn, you’ll be able to use the strategies to develop your own personal trading and investing style, and your money will compound and grow. All you have to do is to take action now!