[Group Buy] John Hayden – Does a Holy Grail Really Exist
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[Group Buy] John Hayden – Does a Holy Grail Really Exist



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Does a Holy Grail Really Exist

John Hayden – Does a Holy Grail Really Exist

In this workshop, John Hayden will examine if there were a “Holy Grail”, what would be its characteristics and how would we know it was the “Holy Grail” if we did discover it? Before computers, men became great traders by studying human nature, history and acquiring all the relevant facts about a particular industry. The traders that read the “tape” were very aware of the psychology of other traders and the market.

Today we use the biographies and autobiographies of previous traders in conjunction with the study of what propels an individual to the top of his chosen profession. It is a fascinating study, one that strips away at many of the myths concerning what it really takes to become “one of the best.”

The outcome of this talk is to empower everyone present so that they may take some of this new knowledge and immediately use it to increase their profitability. Every trader needs a way to perceive the marketplace; this “way” may be through technical analysis, fundamental analysis, or by trading in the “moment”. However, before these techniques can be used the trader must master his own beliefs and thoughts. All traders look for certainty and desire courage and confidence. This is only possible by mastering one’s beliefs, increasing ones virtues and decreasing ones vices.

Just a few of the topics that John will cover are:

  • Confidence is required for success.
  • Disciplined traders are consistently profitable.
  • Doubt, hesitancy and indecision – a sure fire way to ruin.
  • Developing a written strategy for trading your methodology.


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