[Group Buy] Entries & Exits Trading Course
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[Group Buy] Entries & Exits Trading Course



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Entries & Exits Trading Course

Entries & Exits Trading Course

In this course’s 11 modules you will learn:

  • Overcome emotions that betray you in trading
  • Develop and execute highly organized trading plans, utilizing the skills developed in the Indicators and Overlays module.
  • Work through Bullish & Bearish strategies, learning how to recognize and exploit actionable signals.
  • Develop your trading plan even more effectively through the Setting Price Targets & Risk Management modules
  • Develop your own approach to trading life through an introduction to the daily preparation method used by TCG Team Members
  • Leverage key Chart Patterns, a powerful highly visual trading methodology that can be used to validate all of the techniques taught in this course

We thank you for taking the time to read this, and we hope you find this course to be a valuable educational experience.

Here what you’ll get:

  • MODULE 1
  • MODULE 2
    Psychology of Trading
    2.1Psychology of Fear
    2.2Paper Trading
    2.3Gaining Confidence
    2.4Paper Trading Software
  • MODULE 3
    Trading Plans
    3.1Trading Plans
    3.2Developing a Trading Plan
    3.3Trading with the Trend
  • MODULE 4
    Indicators and Overlays
    4.1Indicators and Overlays
    4.2Moving Averages
    4.3Moving Averages Example – TWTR
    4.4Moving Averages Example – NKE
    4.5Bollinger Bands
    4.6Bollinger Band Example – FB
    4.7Bollinger Band Example – AAPL
    4.8Bollinger Band Breakouts
    4.9Selected Indicators
    4.10Using the MACD
    4.11MACD Example – TWTR
    4.12MACD Exceptions to the Rule
    4.13Using the RSI
    4.15Volume in Practice
    4.16Volume Example – COST
    4.17Volume Reversals
  • MODULE 5
    Bullish/Bearish Entries
    5.1Bullish Entries – Price History
    5.2Bullish Entries – Moving Averages
    5.3Bullish Entries – Psychological Levels
    5.4Bearish Entries
    5.5Bearish Entries – TWTR
    5.6Bearish Entries – TSLA
    5.7Bearish Entries – GOLD
  • MODULE 6
    Making Poor Entries
    6.1Making Poor Entries
    6.2Chasing Stocks
    6.3Missed Indicators
    6.4Premature Entries
  • MODULE 7
    Setting Price Targets
    7.1Price Targets
    7.2Targeting Moving Averages
    7.3Targeting Price History
    7.4Targeting Psychological Levels
    7.5Bear Exits – Moving Averages
    7.6Bear Exits – Price History
    7.7Bear Exits – Psychological Levels
  • MODULE 8
    Risk Management and Stop Losses
    8.1Risk Management & Stop Losses
    8.2Placing Stop Losses and Common Questions
    8.3Types of Stop Losses
    8.4Swing Trading with Stop Losses
    8.5Stop Losses for Bears
  • MODULE 9
    Daily Preparation
    9.1Daily Preparation – Psychology
    9.2Daily Preparation – Routine
    9.3Determining your Preferences
    9.4My Personal Routine
  • MODULE 10
    Patterns for Entry/Exit Strategy
    10.1Introducing Patterns
    10.2Basic Channels
    10.3Symmetrical Triangles
    10.4Ascending Triangles
    10.5Descending Triangles
    10.6Ascending Wedge
    10.7Descending Wedge
    10.8Bullish Pennants
    10.9Bullish Flags
    10.10Bearish Flags
  • MODULE 11
    Bringing it all Together
    11.1Bringing it all Together


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