Indicatormall – Footprint Chart NT8

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Indicatormall – Footprint Chart Trading NT8

Pure and simple footprint (aka Market Profile or Order Flow chart) and volume profile chart add-on for NinjaTrader. Displays bid and ask volume traded at each price at each bar. Alternative charts – range, volume and tick charts – are also fully supported.

In order to process the data correctly, it’s required to enable Tick Replay feature in NinjaTrader settings

Here is what’s included : 

  • full support of historical data
  • volume imbalance clusters detection
  • unfinished business detection
  • block trades detection
  • size filter
  • volume imbalance detection
  • bid volume per price
  • bid volume per bar
  • ask volume per price
  • ask volume per bar
  • most traded price at each bar
  • delta per bar
  • cummulated delta per session
  • volume profile per session
  • full time, volume, range and tick chart support
  • Bid x Ask, Ask x Bid, Total Volume or Delta value in each cell