[Group Buy] Forex for Profits 2.0 by Todd Mitchel
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[Group Buy] Forex for Profits 2.0 by Todd Mitchel



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Forex for Profits 2.0 by Todd Mitchel

Here is what’s included : 

The package contains the full trading course:
-15 Hours of Video Training including fully disclosed trading strategies,.
-PDFs, Cheat sheets and guides covering trade execution.
Bonus : Official Market Flow Method Flow fo Metatrader 4


Now, I designed the “Forex for Profits” mentoring program in a logical, easy-to-understand manner, whether you’re a total beginner or a trading professional.

I take you by the hand to learn, step-by-step, what’s required to make consistent income in the Forex markets.

Here’s a hint of what you get inside the mentoring program:

The 5 Biggest Mistakes That Prevent Successful Trading – Module 2 & 3These will eventually make you fail as a trader if not avoided at all costs!
The Only 2 Trading Techniques You Need to Master the Forex – Module 6These 2 techniques involve actions you probably never thought about…

I go over exactly what to look for, and how to approach the market to gain maximum profits.

Professional traders consider these critical elements before creating a strategy.

Answers You Desperately Need to Know Before Trading the Forex – Module 4This is where I answer the questions you likely never thought of…

Topics range from basics (such as, “what is a currency pair?”) to much more advanced matters…

This time-tested knowledge is a powerful way to truly understand the Forex trading world.

5 Timeframes Used by Professional Forex Traders – Module 6Whether you look at a long-term, intermediate, or short-term (day trading) timeframe, you must know the most commonly watched and traded times. This knowledge keeps you trading during the mostpredictable periods, and prevents you from getting whipsawed out of the market.
My #1 Best-Kept Trend Secret – Module 12This is where I tell you exactly when and where a trend begins and ends… and give you advanced insight into the Market Flow Analysis Method.

This information is critical to understanding the market’s underlying movements and rhythm.

Even if you think you know everything about trends, I promise you’ve never heard anything like this!

The #1 Little-Known Formula Behind Top Trading Legends – Module 9I’m not talking about the basic psychological stuff you might have heard in some other program…

I’m talking about the hardcore trading variables that are integral to every trade setup!

5 Essentials You Must Follow When Applying the Market Flow Analysis Method – Module 12If you really want to get in with the few people “in the know” about trends, pay close attention to this section.
How Fibonacci Retracements, When Used Correctly, Can Equip You With “Insider Secrets” No One Else Knows About – Module 14Fibonacci retracements have been around for a while, but surprisingly, no one seems to use them like I do for better time entries, trends, and information that gives you a massive advantage over your competitors. Oh, this is so good you’ll thank me before you even finish the program.
The Little-Known Indicator I Can’t Live Without– Module 15I’m not a fan of indicators that predict price for you… but there’s one indicator that breaks the rules.

This little guy has been on my charts for over 25+ years, and has added to the biggest part of my success. But here’s the deal: this indicator alone, without the rest of the stuff that I teach in Forex for Profits, is useless…

However, when you combine everything I teach you with this powerful indicator (if you want to call it that), you get the ultimate combination!

And just in case you’re wondering, I tell you how this indicator is created and exactly how I use it. There are no secrets here – I reveal everything.

2 Moving Averages That Pack a Punch! – Module 16 Unlike the common moving averages you might read about, I discovered two moving averages that are highly effective for visually confirming higher-probability trade setups.

(You need to know about these little-known secret weapons used by many professional traders!)

8 Must-Have Concepts You MUST Understand Before Using Moving Averages – Module 16 The biggest problem with moving averages is most people don’t know how to use them correctly – so they end up losing money.

Understand what the moving averages tell you, and how to incorporate them into your trading plan – and you sit a step above everyone else.

The Ultimate Way to Trade Support and Resistance (and Why Everyone Else Does It Wrong!) – Module 13These concepts are really easy to follow once you understand a few simple principles, but success is not as easy as just drawing trend lines. They key is knowing the setups required to make support and resistance actually hold!

This section alone could save you thousands of dollars in no time!

The Never-Discussed Volume Analysis That Drives the Forex – Module 18All too often, you hear people claim volume doesn’t matter in the Forex. Thankfully, I didn’t listen to them.

I discovered volume clues and patterns that help confirm a trade entry, saving me from losses and providing trend clues.

As a result, you’ll see how to read volume like a pro!

4 High-Probability Forex Trading Strategies for Consistent and Steady Trading Success – Module 19, 20, 21, & 22 Once you understand the basics of a trade setup, I show you step-by-step how to trade powerful strategies guaranteed to blow the doors off of any program or product you purchased in the past.
  • Strategy #1 – The “Early Stage Entry Technique” Want to know what it’s like entering a trade before everyone else?I show you 3 simple rules that will have your friends wondering how you managed to “predict” the market turning!
  • Strategy #2 – Profiting with Extreme MovesIs it too late to get in when a Forex Pair takes off?When’s the right time to enter?

    This strategy reveals these answers, so you don’t miss out on explosive movements in the Forex!

  • Strategy #3 – The OVB Reversal Strategy This strategy sets up quickly with the accuracy of a well-trained sniper.When you see this setup, you can pull back the trigger and confidently place your trade with a tight stop and a wide profit objective.

    Regardless of your timeframe, this strategy is sweet!

  • Strategy #4 – Conservative Price Pattern SetupsIt’s been said that everything we need to know is found in the charts.In this strategy, I show you 3 trade setups you can take to the bank – each one provides awesome entries with great reward-to-risk ratios!

You’ll have it all!

Pretty powerful stuff, don’t you agree?

Well, pay close attention ‘cause there’s more.

Like I said, this is only a “sneak peek.” There’s a lot more inside the program.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that our group, Forex for Profits, is accepting new members.


If I do my job well, and you study and apply the material exactly as I lay it out for you…

I’d be blown away if you don’t make at least twice the program price before you finish all the training modules!

That’s potentially a greater than 200% return on your investment – without even considering your future earnings!!

Talk to anyone who has taken my program, and they’ll tell you I don’t hold anything back. I’m as committed to your success as you are…

I give you all the tips, tools, techniques, and strategies you need to make a consistent income in the markets.


And now it’s your turn to hone your skills, become a world-class professional Forex trader, and multiply your profits…

Keep in mind, there are three ways this Forex mentorship program benefits you:

  1. Unlike many of those so-called “guru” products, this mentorship program equips you with real-life, proven methodologies used each and every day by world-class professional traders who make money in the Forex market!
  2. Instead of wasting thousands of dollars and hundreds of valuable hours of your time, you’re in a total-immersion trading program where you benefit from my 25+ years of experience. I share everything I know with you – in the program, group coaching, and exclusive online members’ area.
  3. There’s no sense struggling to make money in the Forex when you havedirect access to a professional trader who answers any and all of your questions. And rather than talking to a high-paid assistant, you have my direct number to speak with me, as well as my personal email address.

You see, having a Trading Mentoring Program like this is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your trading education… there’s truly nothing like it anywhere on the market.

Add up the total value of everything I give you:

  • Over 15 Hours of Videos, plus PDFs, Tools, Cheat Sheets, and Guides covering everything from Trade Plan Execution, Price Action, Trade Management, Trade Setups, Early Entry Techniques, Profit Objective Formulas, Stop Losses Systems, 4 Fully-Disclosed Trading Strategies, and More! (Valued at $9,750!)
  • 8 Pre-Recorded Weekly 1-Hour Q&A Webinars (Valued at $1,250!)
  • ***UNLIMITED LIFETIME Phone and Email support(PRICELESS!)***

You can easily tally a total value of more than $11,000… and possibly more.

That doesn’t even include the enormous sum of money I spent on my own market education!

So by now, you must wonder how much this mentoring program costs?

Well, in reality, your entry into the group “costs” nothing – because we’re all about making you money.

This program is an investment in yourself and financial future…


Let me explain…

First, you must be willing to invest 6 easy payments of $497.

This covers my time in putting together the material for you, and ensures I only get serious traders as part of my program – not tire-kickers who just jump from one program to another.

Yeah, I know from the hundreds of success stories I receive each year that I should charge more… especially when you consider my investment into my own school of hard knocks… and my thousands upon thousands of hours in sweat equity studying the markets.

When you tally up the program, videos, quick-start guide, group coaching sessions, and strategies, I should probably charge at least $11,000. Add the unlimited access to me for LIFE, and your potential cost easily exceeds $100,000 alone!

Please know that I am seriously considering raising the price of my Forex for Profits Mentoring Program to $997 per month. And, as you already saw, it’s definitely worth a lot more – but you get grandfathered in at just 6 easy payments of $497.

I’ll even throw in 2 extra bonuses for those super achievers who take immediate action and invest in the program today.


You get another username and password into the private and exclusive members’ area.

This members’ area contains a vault of archived videos and charts detailing hundreds of trade setups over the last two years or so…

AND I continue adding more charts and videos to this vault almost every day!

You’ll see trade setups, entries, exits, and a little explanation of both so you can put your knowledge to the ultimate test and see how your analysis compares to mine.

This access is easily worth over $12,500… but it’s yours when you invest today.


Now, I’m not a fan of fancy indicators and software programs making a decision for you – I believe you NEED to know everything about how price moves!

But sometimes it’s easy to miss an opportunity, so I developed a special software program to help you never miss a trade setup again.

The software simply programs much of what you already know into the charts. It acts as achecks-and-balances system for you (instead of making the decisions for you!).

You’ll never have an excuse for missing a trading opportunity!

I developed this software program for Tradestation, Ninja Trader, MetaTrader4, Multicharts, and MetaStock… and if there are 12 or more traders using a different software, I will consider having another program developed for you.

What’s more, this software program is color coded to make your analysis even easier.

Let me take you through the next few charts to show you what I mean…

This bonus is easily worth over $7,500.

Please remember, this software is NOT required to successfully trade my methodology. It’s simply another tool that acts as a helpful crutch and visual aid for what you learn in the program.

Your total bonus package is worth over $20,000!


  1. You apply the Forex for Profits trading strategies, techniques, and methodologies exactly as I lay them out for you. In turn, you switch on cash turbines that generate windfalls of income in your account month after month or…
  2. You apply the Forex for Profits trading strategies, techniques, and methodologies exactly as I lay them out for you… for an entire year and… if you still haven’t made money… then you just send me a note with proof you applied the information I shared with you… and I not only refund your purchase price 100%…




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