[Group Buy] Forexmentor – The FX News Breakout Trading
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[Group Buy] Forexmentor – The FX News Breakout Trading



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Forexmentor – The FX News Breakout Trading

Dear Forex Trader,

Everybody knows that market-moving news can have a profound impact on both the direction and velocity of price trends in real-time. But too often, Forex traders who don’t possess a reliable and sensible methodology for assessing the price environment heading into news end up chasing their tails on what amounts to little more than a guess, leaving themselves chasing fast markets, vulnerable to wild whipsaws and fast stop triggers – even when they’re on the right side of the market reaction.

We’re here to tell you that there is a sensible, rational, low-risk, high-reward strategy for assessing the likelihood of a predictable response to news, and then taking action on it specifically before the news even breaks! Now, it’s important to note that not all news events set up this way; in fact, only about 30% of those deemed as ‘high importance’ in the popular online news calendars do so. But when you find news events preceded by one of two ‘hidden price patterns’ on either the 60m or 15m charts heading into news, the trade opportunity becomes much more viable. Our intensive, 12-module video course will show you exactly how it’s done.


If you have the time available each day to wait for what we might call ‘organic’ trade setups (those not influenced by news) and don’t mind waiting sometimes hours for those opportunities to present themselves, then being able to specifically schedule your market-watching activities may not be an issue. But many of us have busy, demanding personal schedules and can’t afford to sit with our faces buried in our monitors for hours at a time.

For traders who prefer to focus their efforts on potential opportunities that either will happen at precisely scheduled junctures throughout the trading week (or not at all), then news trading just might be a useful component of your personal trading plan. If you know that a Bank of England Rate Decision is coming out at 11:00am GMT, for example, then you can specifically plan to be at your PC a half-hour ahead (providing enough time to prepare for the trade, if it sets up appropriately), then for another 5-10 minutes beyond – and that’s it! Either a trade presents itself promptly, or it doesn’t, and either way, the time investment is barely more than a half-hour. That’s a lot more economical than waiting through an entire trading session not knowing whether your favourite pair is going to provide an actionable trade or not.


Let’s face it – most of us have at one time or other either gotten burned on a wrong call heading into an explosive response to market-moving news, or have listened to the voices of wisdom which tell us that trading news is just way too risky, for that very reason. And so we may tend to avoid news trade opportunities, preferring to sit on the sidelines until the response is known, and only looking to get in later, when the dust has settled. And we won’t for a second suggest that is a bad philosophy – IF you don’t have a reliable toolkit for assessing the pre-news environment.

As we already stated above, not all news events do coincide with a technical setup, and we specifically advocate taking a pass in those cases. But when you have the combination of a clear setup just ahead of a major news event, the explosive response that can sometimes happen thereafter will provide you a potential opportunity to realize floating profit quickly, which in turn lets you remove risk quickly, and get in and out of profitable positions also quite quickly. In short, armed with the right tools – which we explain in detail in our foundation course – you don’t have to content yourself with always sitting on the sidelines on market-moving news events. Often we need to apply an appropriately cautious neutral stance – but not necessarily always.

Here’s What’s Included:   

1.Unlimited access to our online video course which shows you how to filter news trade setups and act on the with low risk (total duration: 6 hours and 20 minutes).

2.One month free access to our online member’s area, which includes the following features:

  • Tri-weekly Market-Moving News Calendarsitems for the 8 major economies (US, Japan, Eurozone, UK, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand).
  • Detailed Performance Tracking which includes the trading result (if any) for all events flagged in our weekly news schedules – including detailed qualitative commentary.
  • Weekly Trade Recap video which reviews in-depth the trade opportunity (if any) of a recent news event.
  • Chart of the Week example which provides a static screen capture with detailed annotations pertaining to the current Weekly Trade Recap video.
  • Frank’s News Blog, in which a more comprehensive assessment of selected market fundamentals is provided – a great way to add additional depth and perspective to the news trading environment.
  1. 37-page Trade Methodology Summary PDF – which condenses the online course down into its essential elements for convenient reference.


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