Tradeciety – Heiken Ashi Daytrading System – Part 2


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Tradeciety – Heiken Ashi Trading System PDF Daytrading System – Part 2

We are two guys from Germany that got tired of the 9-to-5 and embarked on the journey of a lifetime, trading and traveling wherever and whenever we want to.
We are passionate about giving back as we would be nowhere near to where we are today without the help of other veteran traders that helped us in the beginning.
If you consider joining our community, we feel honored by your trust and we’ll make sure that every free minute we have will be spent on making your investment worthwhile.

Here’s What’s Included:     

  • Routine, Routine, Discipline
    1.1 Organizing Yourself And Creating A Trading Plan
    1.2 Setting Up And Integrating The Professional Edgewonk Trading Journal Into Your Routine
    1.3 Identifying Your Flaws: Trading Is An Uphill Battle Against The Self
    1.4 Other Factors Worth Considering To Improve Your Performance
    1.5 Example: My Personal Trading Plan
  • Market Environments And Why So Many Traders Fail
    2.1 The Different Market Environments And How To Identify Them
    2.2 When To Trade Our Strategy And When To Back Off, Market Selection
    2.3 Classifying Highs And Lows – Reading Momentum
    2.4 Wave Analysis: Depth, Length, Frequency
  • Different Types Of Retracements And How To Trade Them
    3.1 Break And Retests, Quick And Easy
    3.2 Simple Pullbacks – Our Favorite But Most Uncommon Setup
    3.3 Complex Pullbacks, Reading Local Highs And Lows Versus Global Highs And Lows
    3.4 Flags – Essentially Breakout Trades, These Require A Lot Of Patience
    3.5 Angles: When Is A Pullback Too Deep And Steep, What Does A Perfect Pullback Look Like
  • Patterns, Studies And Additional Probability Boosters For Our Entries
    4.1 Traditional Continuation Chart Patterns To Notice
    4.2 Stochastic Oscillator: Advanced Reading Techniques
    4.3 Pivot Points And How To Know Whether They Will Likely Hold
    4.4 News Items And Market Open Times/Drives
    4.5 Beginning Trends VS Established Trends VS Overextended Trends
    4.6 Trade Assembly
  • Trade Management & Expectations
    5.1 Most Of The Money Is Made In Your Exits, Possible Outcomes Over A Year Of Trading
    5.2 Setting Goals Correctly
    5.3 Take Profit Strategies
    5.4 When To Go To Break-Even And How To Trail Your Trades
    5.5 Further Exit Testing With Edgewonk
    5.6 20 Trade Examples With In-Depth Commentary
  • Adaptation, Progress And Consistency
    6.1 Forward Testing, Back Testing And When And How To Make Adjustments
    6.2 You Have The Tools, Now It Is Time To Make It Your Own
    6.3 Where To Go From Here, Creating A Sustainable Career For Decades To Come