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Here’s what you’ll get:

 Great Forex Conspiracy

The majority of trading systems taught by “Trading Gurus” and market experts tell you “The Trend Is Your Friend”. Here’s the deal, that would be very profitable advice but…

  • With strong trends happening only about 15% of the time, you’ll spend much of your time frustrated wondering why it’s so hard to find high probability trade setups. .
  • The reality is that if your primary focus is on learning trend trading, then you’re going to be dangerously unprepared to deal with the wild market gyrations caused by Algo Programs in 2019.
  • Think of it this way… Imagine playing golf and trying to get out of a sand trap with only a putter. Clearly the wrong tool to get the job done. The same thing goes for todays chaotic market fluctuations… You need the right strategies to take advantage of the situation at hand.

The other conspiracy is the one created by the Algo traders as they are designed to line their pockets with massive profits and leave you with a few pips here and there.

  • A sure sign that you’ve been a victim of them is getting stopped out way more often.
  • Another sure sign that you’re getting screwed is when you have a nice solid trade and you’re up about 30 to 50 pips and out of nowhere the price spikes in the opposite direction and you end up with maybe 10 pips.
  • So What Can You Do To Level The Playing Field And Start Making More Profits?
  • If you don’t need know me, my name is Dr. Jeff Wilde and I gave up a successful Chiropractic practice for the “Lure Of Easy Money” in trading. I won’t go over my story now, but what I can tell you is that I’ve been trading for over 20 years and know what works and most importantly…
  • I can show strategies that can help you break through any trading plateaus or financial barriers you may have had up to this point.
    So if your still with me, awesome and let me tell you about the…

“Hit & Run Trading”

  • It’s a series of strategies that I’ve developed where I can anticipate where the “Smart Money” and Algo Programs will jump into a trade. This gives a major advantage as it allows traders like yourself to surf the momentum created by “The Big Boys”.
  • Hit & Run Trading also looks to grab a quick 15 – 50 pips and then to exit and start again. This is the safest and smartest way to trade since the markets only run in short bursts 85% of the time before they stall out and make a quick reversal.
  • Another huge benefit of “Hit & Run Trading” is that you’ll find 3X to 5X more trades then you would if you stick to trend trading.


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