Identityshifting – Identity Shifting Masterclass

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Identityshifting – Identity Shifting Masterclass

Profound change requires a shift in your identity. In who you really are.
How you see yourself and talk to yourself determines almost everything that happens in your life. Do you think of yourself as someone who will always be fat, or as an athlete? Are you still playing around at business, or are you really an entrepreneur?
The behaviors you want all live inside Your Identity
And you can step into it right now. But for most people, this ‘self-concept’ is created totally unconsciously. Starting when you were just a tiny child, you had experiences that shaped how your subconscious creates your reality.
The problem is that this gets created not based on what’s really possible for you, but instead based off of survival, fear-based, decisions you made at an unconscious level.
Your subconscious mind is trying to protect you, but…
If you’re like most people, as you move through life, you actually shut down into a smaller version of yourself instead of the optimal version of yourself, just to stay safe. Take a second and imagine a different version of yourself, one you know is in there if you would only drop your limits.
How much could you accomplish if you stopped self sabotaging, and took massive action? What could the best version of you accomplish? How would it feel to live that way everyday?

Here’s What’s Included: 

  • 22 paradigm-shifting lessons cover
  • everything you need to shift your Identity
  • 6 powerful Hypnotic Audios help you shift passively
  • 2 powerful guided visualizations help expand
  • what you think is possible for yourself
  • 4 guided practices anchor the changes
  • in your mind and body