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Tradingeducators – Joe Ross Trading By The Book PDF – Pure Simplicity in Trading Options

“You owe it to yourself to know the truth about trading options. There is nothing complicated about it. You don’t need an option model to succeed, and you don’t need to be an expert in Greek terminology.”

  • Message from Joe Ross
    “In Money Making Options you’ll find two of the best option trading strategies I’ve encountered in all the years I’ve been an investor and a trader. You’ll also discover the “options secret”, so that you trade with the odds stacked in your favor, and never again have to fear the negative talk that brokers and exchanges keep telling you about options trading.”
  • Money Making Options Highlights
    Trading Option Boxes in sideways markets
    Learn what Option Boxes are, and how to use them in sideways markets. You will immediately discover one of the concepts every trader must master: how to know when prices are moving sideways. It is said that prices trend only 15% of the time. You need to know how to trade in sideways markets because prices present themselves that way 85% of the time.
    You will find out how to build an Option Box. It all starts with creating one side of the box when prices are close to the top or bottom of a consolidation area, and it ends up with “closing” the box when prices are at the opposite side of the consolidation. The beauty of the Option Box is that once you’ve closed the box, there is no way you can lose unless you open it before the options are set to expire.
    Premium Accumulation
    The second strategy you will learn is called “premium accumulation.” You can earn money in options by selling them to people who need them. Usually they need them because they are afraid – afraid of a loss, or afraid they might miss “the big move.” To get those options, they will buy them from you. What they pay you for the option is called “premium.”
    We like to collect premium, and you will learn how to do so, as well. You will learn when to collect, how to collect, what your risk is at any given moment in time, and how to protect yourself in the markets. Premium collection works well when a market is trending, so you will learn how to recognize when prices come out of consolidation and begin to trend.
    Combine the best of two worlds – be in the markets as often as you like
    Very few option traders know that they can take much of the risk out of trading by combining options with the underlying asset. Learn how to do this to make much safer, and often more profitable, trades.
    The need for complicated option structures is eliminated, and you can be in the markets as often as you like. By combining boxes with premium accumulation, you have ways to trade both sideways markets and trending markets. You can have the best of both worlds.