[Group Buy] Larry Levin – Secrets of an Electronic Futures Trader
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[Group Buy] Larry Levin – Secrets of an Electronic Futures Trader



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Larry Levin

Here’s What’s Included:      

Larry Trades Live- The Full DVD Video

Watch Larry trade his personal trading account as he reveals what he thinks during each and every trade! Use Larry’s trading knowledge & experience to improve your own personal trading performance. ($695 value)

Secrets of an Electronic Futures Trader Manual in pdf

This ultra-thick e-manual contains all of Larry’s powerful trading tools that he has used successfully over his entire trading career! It will take you step by step through each of Larry’s trades; which makes becoming a trader as easy as 1-2-3! in pdf ($2,499 value)

Larry Levin’s “Secrets of an Electronic Futures Trader”  Home Study Trading Course


1 PDF Manual Secrets to Emotion Free Trading Manual


“Are you looking for a trading system that could make you a million dollars with absolutely no work whatsoever?”

S&P Floor Trader Larry Levin Says:“Stop Looking, And Give Up NOW Before
You Lose All Your Money!”

I’m sure you’ve seen many ads promising unbelievable results from one commodity trading guru or another. They all promise you will make big fortunes with their trading system. Let me set you straight; you won’t!

Many of these educators have never traded successfully. That is why they are selling their trading course. They couldn’t trade themselves so they have decided to make money teaching you how to trade.

In 2002, while trading on the floor I generated well over $800,000 (I publish my statements to prove it).

I tell you this not to impress you, but to let you know that you could never make that much money trading commodities in a single year. Any educator who says you can make that kind of money (or even half that amount) is a liar, fraud, scam artist, or living in a fantasy world. And you can tell them I said so!

Remember, I have been on the trading floor for almost 20 years. I work extremely hard to make my money. I was very disciplined and took advantage of the opportunities every chance I got. I think it is interesting when some ‘guru’ says you can do the same thing with your own trading.


“Everything those trading gurus attempt to teach you in
books and courses is wrong, wrong, wrong!”

How could they possibly know what it takes to teach people to really learn how to trade? They can’t.

Don’t get me wrong, some of these guys are intelligent individuals, but that doesn’t make them a successful trader. You’re a smart person, right? Does that make you a successful trader?

Not necessarily.

If you are struggling with unsuccessful trading, it is because of one reason and one reason only: You are not acting in your own best interest!

In other words, you have yet to learn the secrets to being a disciplined trader.

That is the bottom line. The key to success is not in some meaningless, ridiculous-moving average system.

It is in learning to be an emotion- free trader who always acts in his own best interest.

We offer:

A mentoring program

A home study course

Trading seminars at the  Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Special Note: All the above educational programs are designed strictly to teach you the absolute truth about trading in the real world!

Hi Larry,Nice of you to “check in” to see how the Course might have helped my trading. While the S&P has been particularly treacherous recently, I can happily say that I have been more than holding my own.
Probably the part of the course that has been most helpful for my trading is the concept of the VALUE AREA, and how to use it in my trading. It has opened up a new understanding in the way that I can see the market unfolding.
I will be looking forward to any updating that you might do.Thanks again,
JK (Testimonial from The Secrets of Floor Traders Course.)

Dear Trader,

My name is Larry Levin and I am a professional trader. To prove that I am the real thing, I will show you my trading statements over the last several years. I’m not showing you my results to impress you, but to impress upon you the fact that to the best of my knowledge, I’m the only educator who actually trades for a living.

Over the last several years I’ve generated over $1.9 million in net profits trading commodities electronically. I don’t think there is any other educator willing to show you his trading results.

Nearly 20 years ago I was where you might be today. Losing money trading, not being able to solve the puzzle of where the market will go and when it will do so.

“I promise the key to profitable trading is not what you think it is! I truly believe no one has ever shown this to you before!”

Trading can be very simple, but yet many people make it difficult. I know, because I have been there. Everyday I trade the S&P 500 on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. From my years of experience, I’ve learned the secret to successful trading. I promise the key to profitable trading is not what you think it is.

I am telling you this is because I want you to understand that I am the real thing (click here to see my video). I have been where you are right now. It took me thousands of hours and many years to get my trading to the level it is today.

Have you ever been in a trade that could have been a winner, but didn’t recognize the opportunity the market was offering and let it slip through your fingers? The exact same thing happened to me hundreds of times.

My trading course is one of those ‘trades’.  If you take it, the payoff may be greater than what you ever thought possible.

In The Secrets of an Electronic Futures Trader program you will receive:

  • Secrets of an Electronic Futures Trader E-Manual (PDF) 
    This one-of-a-kind ultra thick manual contains 23 chapters with dozens of effective, proven trading techniques that have made me many thousands of dollars trading the futures markets electronically. As I’ve said before, I’m the only trader that I’m aware of, that actually trades for a living, instead of just selling educational materials. These are the exact trading strategies that I use on a daily basis. Not only are these techniques easy to implement, but I’ve taken them from being complex to narrowing them down to the simplest of terms so you can put them to use right away! You’ll see through the explanations and many charts and examples that this information has never been introduced in such an easy to use fashion.

Secrets to Emotion Free Trading E-Manual (PDF) 
Within its 35 chapters this manual is the key to teaching you the proper mindset needed to become a successful commodity investor. Most novice traders have no idea how important it is to have complete control over their emotions while trading. On the other hand, veteran traders realize this is the most important aspect to successful trading and this educational tool teaches you the inside secrets and strategies that successful traders have been using for years to consistently act in their own best interest while completely controlling fear and greed. This trading manual will give you powerful step by step instructions to transform yourself into an emotion free, confident commodity trader! Without these skills you are sure to fail!

Watch Professional Trader, Larry Levin Trade His Personal Account on DVD Video

  • Larry trades in real-time during the trading day as he teaches a student what he looks for each trading day. This is an invaluable trading tool for anyone who wants to know how a professional trader approaches the market!
  • Secrets of an Electronic Futures Trader Silver trading program

Total Cost: $2,500 

Here Is What Else You’ll Discover:

How I stay in a trading position for the whole move! If you’re sick and tired of getting out of your position, then having the market go your way another 6.00 points and leaving all that money on the table… discover the only “trick” I use to stay in the market!

How I really know when the market is trending! And how I put on a position in the direction of the trend every time.

How I limit my loss on every unprofitable trade! I proclaim: “It can save your whole day!”

The Powerful 80% Rule! That’s right… The rule that I’ve been using on the trading floor for more than 15 years, and works 8 out of every 10 times!!!!

How I know when institutional buying and selling is taking place in the S&P’s!   This is a secret you truly can’t afford to miss!

A simple chart formation (that almost no one knows about!) This little-known gem of a strategy has become my trusting guide as to where the market can rally or break from!

How the open can make or break your day! Now this may sound like common sense, but then why do so many traders start losing right from the get-go? I’ll teach you how to precisely determine the market direction right from the start, so you start off on the up side for once!

Exactly how I trade when government reports are released! How sure are you that you know exactly what to do when economic news is released into the market? Probably 7 out of 10 are using the releases incorrectly!

How I know where support and resistance numbers really are! Avoid the big mistake almost everybody makes when it comes to support and resistance.

How I’ve profitably used stop orders! Little known strategies for getting out and in the market with stop orders… I wouldn’t have made it another day without using this hidden technique!

What (mostly unwatched) markets give you excellent indication of the S&P direction! Guaranteed, most traders are not watching the right markets!

And much, much more! Dozens and dozens of the best-kept insider secrets that proved to make me more money, and gave me more wins than losses despite the market changes!



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