Martin Cole – Market Maket Manipulation

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Martin Cole Forex Course

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3 DVDs (avi format)

Martin Cole trains people on forex – in live market conditions with real money on the line.

Up until now he only offered 1-on-1 training for $10,000 USD.

He’s now offering a DVD traing course for $802 USD.

He says he trades with an average stop loss of about 17 pips and trades to predetermined exits using our 90 pips tool.

His method is based on looking for market maker manipulation and trading in alignment with that.

From the mainpage of his site:

95% of traders think that trading is THEIR business. 5% of traders know that it’s the Market Makers business and learn to play by the Market Makers rules.

The Market Makers money making process is divided up into three phases.

1.The accumulation phase

2.The manipulation phase

3.The profit release phase