Myinvestingclub – MIC Jumpstart Accelerator

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Myinvestingclub – MIC Jumpstart Accelerator

MIC Jumpstart Accelerator
The MIC Jumpstart Accelerator is a 7+ hour, one-of-a-kind, step-by-step trading course filled with educational content that will guide you from knowing nothing about day trading stocks to becoming a self-sufficient day trader finding your own stocks, making your own plans & placing your own trades in the stock market in just 7 hours!
MIC Trading Strategies
This Accelerator course is packed with 7 ½ Hours of proprietary trading strategies & special live market analysis taught by Bao Nguyen(@Modern_Rock) himself. The strategies and analysis in this course are the same strategies & analysis that helped him make $1.4M on FNMA in one single trading day.
MIC’s new Accelerator Course will help you dramatically cut your learning curve and help you avoid years of trading losses. All the necessary information is presented in an easy to follow format as topics go from simpler to advanced.
Begin your journey into consistency with our new course!

Here What You’ll Get:

  • Chapter 1 – What Is Day Trading?
    Golas, What Do We Trade, Volatility, What makes up a stock?, IPOs, Supply and Demand, Float, Effects of High Demand, Bagholding
  • Chapter 2 – Stock Terms
    Order Types, Exchanges, Market Capitalization, Pumps and Dumps, Mergers, Acquisitions & More Terms, BIAS (Bullish/Bearish), Indices, Sectors (Category)/Industries (Sub-Category), Catalyst Types, Stock Type Analysis, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Indicators, Candlestick Charts, Bar Charts (OHLC), Line Charts, How to Read A Candlestick, Moving Averages, VWAP & Pivot Points, Candlestick Patterns, Resistance/Support, Charting Websites, Charting Terms, Big Charts Website Walkthrough
  • Chapter 3 – What is Resistance and Support?
    Whole/Half Dollar Magnets, Finding Resistance/Support on SPY, Chart Examples of Resistance/Support, Breakouts/Breakdowns/Trends/Reversals, Short Squeezes, Charting Recap
  • Chapter 4 – Stock Splits
    All you need to know about Stock Splits to day trade.
  • Chapter 5 – Sector Hype/Craze
    BITCOIN Sector Charts, Marijuana Sector Charts, Sector Hype Press Release, Coronavirus Sector Charts
  • Chapter 6 – Edge – What is it?
    A deep dive into the reason why we trade: Edge.
  • Chapter 7 – MIC Patterns
    FIrst Baonce, VWAP Reclaim, First Resistance, Deathline, First Red Day, Low Hanging Fruit
  • Chapter 8 – Short Selling
    This chapter delves into the ins & outs of short selling stocks!
  • Chapter 9 – Brokers, Regulations & Software
    Recommended Brokers, Pattern Day Trader (PDT), Trading Platforms
  • Chapter 10 – LEVEL 2/Market Depth & Tape Reading
    Learn about Level 2/Market Depth and Tape Reading as well as terms, definitions and live recording explanation
  • Chapter 11 – Market Hours
    Key Times of Day, Zombie Time, Zombie Reversal, Power Hour
  • Chapter 12 – Scanning Software
    Premarket Scanning Criteria, Nightly Scanning Criteria, Scanner Setup & Walk Through
  • Chapter 13 – MIC Analysis & Research Process
    Our Process, Red Flags, Daily Research Process from Modern_Rock, BAMSEC Explanation, Fantasy Orders, Scaling, Trade Breakdown, Pivot Points
  • Chapter 14 – Frontside Vs. Backside
    Learn about frontside and backside chart analysis.
  • Chapter 15 – Building a Watchlist
    This chapter is fully dedicated to the process of building watchlists.
  • Chapter 16 – Live Market Analysis
  • Chapter 17 – Risk Management
    Max Dollar Loss, Max Share Size (AT09 Method), Recommended Risk Parameters, Calculating Risk