No BS Day Trading (US Markets Webinar 2016) + Starter Course

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No BS Day Trading (US Markets Webinar 2016) + Starter Course
Here What You’ll Get:

  • The No BS methodology – The core principles of scalping.
  • Fact vs. Theory – The realities of trading for a living.
  • Understanding the big picture – Who are your opponents? What drives the action?
  • Understanding context – Context is key. Each scenario is different. Adaptation is crucial.
  • Reading the cumulative volume profile – Understanding steps in the profile as well as high and low volume areas.
  • Momentum and pressure points – Scalping the fast, easy money.
  • Understanding true risk to reward and scaling – How to properly assess risk to reward at all times.
  • Saving ticks/Profit per contract – Every tick counts. Avoiding poor trades is as important as making winning trades.
  • Cutting losses before your stop – How to identify you’re on the wrong side before your stop is hit.
  • Good action vs. bad action – Is the current price action conducive to good opportunities?
  • Correlations – Are there any which work?
  • Spreading as it relates to scalping – Spreading explained. Adjusting strategies based on spread action.
  • Putting it all together – Developing a long-term, winning methodology.
  • Best of the Q&A sessions.