Katie Evans – Ordinary to Extraordinary

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People Natural Posing

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Course curriculum
The Key to Natural Posing ebook
Module 1: Overview
Lighting in the Shade
Lighting Indoors
Lighting in Full Sun/Cloudy
Editing Backlighting and Silhouettes
Live Session: Module 1
Module 2: Overview
How to Interact With Younger Kids
How to Interact With Older Kids/Teens/Adults
How to Build Your Own Self Confidence
Live Session: Module 2
Module 3: Overview
Natural Posing: Part 1
Natural Posing: Part 2
Flattering Angles FREE PREVIEW
Module 4: Overview
4 Key Components to Sharp Photos
Lenses for Sharp Photos
Landing the Focal Point
How Depth of Field Affects Sharp Photos
Increase Sharpness in Editing
Module 5: Overview
Rules of Composition
Watch Your Background
Filling the Frame
Straight Lines
Telling the Story Through Composition
Trying Out New Angles
Before & After’s
Bonus Module: Overview
Solutions and Answers Video