Piranha Profits – Cryptocurrency Trading Course – Crypto Current

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Lesson 0: Evolution of the Internet
– Block Chain Technology and Bitcoin

Lesson 1: Cryptocurrency Classifications
– Cryptocurrency Types and Examples

Lesson 2: Create & Funding your Wallet
– Creating Crypto Accounts
– Setting up Intermediary Exchange
– How to send to and receive coins from Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Lesson 3: Secure & Minimise Risk from Hackers
– Creating 3 keys to secure your cryptocurrency wallet

Lesson 4: Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges
– Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges
– Understanding Satoshi and USDT performance measure

Lesson 5: Charting Guide for Cryptocurrency
– Chart analysis using Trading View

Lesson 6: Profiting from Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
– Top 4 criteria for selecting high potential ICO projects

Lesson 7: Passive Income Strategy for Cryptocurrency
– Earning passive income without mining

Lesson 8: Cashing out your Cryptocurrencies
– Cashing out your cryptocurrencies profits in the most cost efficient way

Lesson 9: The Multi-Bagger Potential of Alternative Coins
– Fundamental analysis for high potential alternate coins

Lesson 10: Secrets to Post ICO Swing Strategy
– Positioning for second price pump in hype up ICO

Lesson 11: Economics of Mining
– Understanding mining packages and the math behind it

Lesson 12: Trade Management
– Trade management – Order Types
– Learn how to short cryptocurrencies

Lesson 13: Risk Management Tactics for Cryptocurrency
– Manage risk Using Crypto Current spreadsheet
– Monitoring your cryptocurrency performance using Crypto Current Portfolio spreadsheet

Lesson 14: Diversified Portfolio Management for Cryptocurrency
– Expectancy and Portfolio management