Exacttrading – Price Action Trader Course

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Exacttrading – Price Action Trader PDF Course

I am so confident that you’ll enjoy the bank trading techniques I have learned during my thirty year banking career, I would like to share a couple of them with you now.
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Here is what ‘s included : 

  • MODULE 1
    In this introductory video I introduce the subject of FOREX and explain the who, the what, the where and the when. Without a basic grounding and understanding of who does what in the FOREX world and how the market works, you’ll be lost and you will loose money.
  • Module 2
    In the second video I look at the various trading platforms that are available to traders.
  • MODULE 3
    In the third video we get going on the question what is Price Action Trading.
  • MODULE 4
    In this fourth video we continue our investigation and explanation of Price Action Trading.
  • MODULE 5
    Trend Trending
  • MODULE 6
    Chart Analysis.
  • MODULE 7
    Breakout Trading
  • MODULE 8
    Continuation Trading
  • MODULE 9
    Reversals and Counter Trend Trading
  • MODULE 10
    Channel Trading
  • MODULE 11
    London Breakout