Proficientfx – Basic Course (ONLINE COURSE)

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  • INTRODUCTION TO FOREX What Is Forex Best Times To Trade Forex Types Of Orders Forex Brokers Types Of Charts Types Of Analysis And More
  • TECHNICAL ANALYSIS INCLUDING Support & Resistance Trend Lines Structure Fibonacci Candle Sticks Chart Patterns Moving Averages Indicators Pivot Points And More
  • HOW TO TRADE THE MARKET Structure Trading Break Out Trading Divergence Trading Institutional Trading
  • MINDSET + PSYCHOLOGY Why Most Traders Fail? Emotions Risk Management Position Sizing Entering A Trade Setting Stop Loss Securing Profits Expectations
  • TRADING PLAN & JOURNAL Importance Of A Trading Plan & Journal Creating A Trading Plan Creating A Trading Journal
  • TYING IT ALL TOGETHER Step By Step Breakdown Analyzing And Entering A Trade
  • CRYPTO TRADING How To Margin Trade Crypto Benefits Of Margin Trading Cryptos