Rachel Korinek – Lightroom Magic + Bonuses

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Rachel Korinek Photographer

Here is what’s included: 

The EDITING SECRETS for creating food photography you’re proud of!

I’m guessing you‘re keen as mustard to learn about how food photography pros make magic with their pics.

You want to turn GOOD images into GREAT ones.

I want that for you too!


Come out the other side with some major editing wizardry in your toolkit, my friend.

(Which is the golden ticket to world-class photos by the way.)

These are the kinds of brilliant skills you can show off to the hot new clients that’ll come running through your door when they see the wicked portfolio you’re about to create:

Dramatically increase your editing wizardry in just 30 days. You’ll have the ability to powerfully understand elements and definitions in photography so you get the ‘whys’ and can apply the ‘hows’.

Feel confident in choosing a unique workflow that matches your editing vision for your final image. Knowing your editing style will be immediately recognised by your fellow creatives.

The skills to create stunning imagery that will make your portfolio stand out like a show-stopping, Nigella Lawson-worthy dessert. With the knowledge to understand that there is more than one way to get a desired outcome.

FIND true joy in editing (I know it sounds dorky but editing is the bomb!)


The opportunity to get a FULL behind the scenes look at how I edit my images including the entire editing process that has allowed my work to be featured in coveted publications about the world.

But you see a whole raft of editing courses out there and none are run by food photographers who’ve had serious success in the industry.

You’re looking for a bespoke editing course that is tailored specifically to food photographers and doesn’t try to cover the whole dang field.

(No more watching hundreds of videos or reading random blog posts to pull out tidbits of information and trying to work out how that MAY translate into food photography.)

That’s why I created Lightroom Magic.

Because I truly want creative rockstars like you to be empowered with knowledge and real life skills so you can start creating those amazing photos you’ve been dreaming of right now.

Because when you understand what Ansel Adams says, that you make a photo (not just take it), you can unlock your incredible potential to create beautiful, ‘swooney’, magazine-worthy photos every time.

Photography is more than just what you see in the frame. You’d never serve just the cake batter. You’d ice that bad boy, dress it up, make it jaw dropping.

So why not give your RAW files the love and power they deserve?

You’ve got to make the image.

‘Making’ an image involves quality editing to create your ultimate vision.

It allows you to add your own personal stamp, your unique style, your special sauce.


Maybe you wanna tip that burning passion of yours into well paid freelance work and learn the real secrets to help you stand out from the plate-snapping crowd.

Perhaps you’ve got your culinary sights set on seeing your work in the world’s top magazines but to do that, your images needs to shine like the glistening chocolate glaze on a Martha Stewart creation.

AND to really make them sparkle, you need to learn how each adjustment panel and tool plays to the strength of food.

You need to immerse yourself in food imagery (like, bury yourself in lovely food pics until you can’t tell a sticky rice noodle from a curly fettuccine strand).

The nitty gritty – let’s break it down, shall we?

Cool, you’re a details kinda person (what photographer isn’t?). Got it. I like crossing my ‘T’s and dotting my ‘I’s too.

SO – here’s the lowdown on what you’ll learn in each of the 5 modules:


Learn why post processing is so important, the real power of RAW files and how to get truly savvy with your Histograms. We’ll also take a peek at the common trends in my Histograms. You’ll also get super familiar with definitions that’ll exponentially improve your photography.


Discover the power of each global adjustment tool, why they provide a solid foundation on which great images are built and how to truly harness them in your food photography.

Uncover the amazing potential of your image with targeted adjustments, which allow you to have full control over your editing vision for your image. The key in food photography is the ‘little details’. You’ll learn my layered approach to produce that ‘WOW’ factor.


Become empowered with what makes a GREAT image, and all the ways you can add that WOW factor to your image by focusing on exposure, colour and contrast concepts. I’ll also take you through step-by-step to find your own magic: your unique workflow.


Take a journey with me to uncover how I approach editing, (for both bright and moody images). I’ll take you through my process start to finish, as well as give you access to recreating my steps with a RAW file. We’ll then learn how to craft presets and re-create a vintage/film look.

Class Curriculum

Getting Started.

What this course is about and what you’ll achieve by the end. (7:13)

Getting Help.

MODULE ONE: Foundations For Powerful Editing.

1-Why Post Process? (7:50)

2-The Power of RAW (8:45)

3-Getting Dirty With Definitions (5:47)

4-Navigating Lightroom for This Course (4:36)

5-Histogram Savvy (9:44)

MODULE TWO: Mastering Global Adjustments.

6-What Are Global Adjustments? (9:11)

7-Basic Panel (22:35)

8-Tone Curve (15:21)

9-HSL (17:49)

10-Split Toning (16:14)

11-Details (15:42)

12-Lens Correction (17:54)

13-Effects (18:32)

14-Calibration (9:46)