Rob Hoffman – Advanced Trading Strategies

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Rob Hoffman Trading – Advanced Trading Strategies

This course includes 5+ hours of important education on using the Become A Better Trader’s multi-timeframe indicators, when not to take a trade, criteria for higher-probability trades, working in unison with other indicators, aggressive vs. conservative setups, scalp trading, “add to” and exiting positions, and Volume Spread Analysis. Don’t miss this course!

Here What You’ll Get:

  • Accumulation/Distribution
  • Adding To and Exiting Trades
  • Aggressive Trading
  • Bar Needs to be Closed Before Making Trade – Bar locking in
  • Bubble – Do not use indicators in a bubble
  • Capital Preservation is Job ONE
  • Conservation Setup Rules (High probability)
  • Exit a Trade
  • Fire Indicator – Blue – Based on multi-timeframe analysis
  • Fish Hook
  • Formation of Bottoms and Tops
  • Go With Trades – Aggressive
  • Higher or Longer Timeframe Analysis
  • Higher Timeframe has More Validity
  • Highest-Probaility Setups – Tone, Lock and Fire
  • Hoffman Fade
  • Hourly Charts are Most Important
  • Indicators are Built on Price Action, Momentum, Range and MTF
  • Indicators in Multiple Financial Markets
  • Key Reversals
  • Lone Wolf
  • MACD
  • MTF Indicators – Going Dark
  • MTF Indicators – Junior or Senior TLF
  • MTF Indicators in Unison with Other Indicators
  • Multiple Time Frame (MTF) Price Action Indicator – Tone, Lock, Fire and Thrust
  • News (Avoid)
  • Ping Pong
  • Price Action-Only Indicator – Black – Thrust
  • Profit Potential – Room to go and grow
  • Pullbacks or Retracements
  • Rapid Fire on MFT
  • Retracement Trades
  • Risk is High with Ping Pong
  • RSI
  • Scalping Trades
  • Support and Resistance
  • Support and Resistance (Challenge Assumptions)
  • Support and Resistance Assumption that Levels Will Hold
  • Swing Trading – Indicators are Very Valid
  • Thrust Indicator – Black – Early in trend change
  • Thrust Pullback Thrust
  • Time is Money and Time is Risk
  • Tone and Lock on MTF Needs to be Main Focus
  • Use Indicators Along with Trend in MTF
  • VSA
  • VSA – Long and Short Signals with Trend
  • VSA – Non-Standard Approach – Red and Green arrows
  • VSA – Tests, No Demand, Upthrusts and Become A Better Trader Indicators
  • VSA – Tone is Needed to Give Credibility
  • VSA – When Buys Don’t Buy and Sells Don’t Sell it is Time to …
  • VSA – Become A Better Trader Indicators – Tone and Lock is Fundamental
  • VSA – Rapid Fire Indicators
  • When Not Take Trades with Indicators