Simpler Trading – 10X Trade Formula Options [Complete + Indicator]

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Safe Trade Options Formula PDF

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The Low Risk Way to Exploit Price Implosions & Explosions If you want to grow your account exponentially by timing ‘10x trade’ setups, then THIS is the class for YOU (10X indicator sold separately)

  • How to know when stocks are likely to explode (or implode) … 10x trades happen when a lot of traders panic at the same time. Discover how to potentially make ‘outsized’ gains when they rush to liquidate positions
  • The 10x Trade Formula Revealed: Learn John’s step-by-step process for anticipating rare situations. Learn how to recognize setups with the key ingredients for quick gains of 100% (or more)
  • Identify ‘Black Swan’ Events in Real-Time: Predicting crashes is a sucker’s game, but knowing how to spot major meltdowns early is possible. The key to exponential profits is knowing how to tell the ‘real thing’ from a ‘fake out’
  • Anatomy of a Million Dollar Trade: Discover how to exploit the High Short Interest pattern that made $1.41 Million in just over 24 hours. As John will reveal, closing trades with massive gains requires special position management skills
  • When to ‘Just Say No’: Learn a ‘braindead’ simple way to avoid the ‘Heartbreak Zone’ so you ONLY buy options when the odds are stacked heavily in your favor (This helps you know exactly when to sell options for income)
  • Know when to be long or short (or stay out): Discover the ‘telltale’ signs that price is about to move UP or DOWN. This is critical to catching 10x Trades by anticipating price ‘explosions’ and ‘implosions’
  •  How to Tell a ‘Base Hit’ from a ‘Home Run’ in Advance: Learn John’s secret checklist for knowing when to trade small or ‘load the boat’. This can make all the difference between an ‘okay’ profit and a 10x Trade.