Sang Lucci – On-Demand Options Education

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Sang Lucci Ebook – On-Demand Options Education

Sang Lucci’s On-Demand Education is for the trader seeking to learn how to aggressively trade large cap stocks and options and find the method that specifically suites his or her personal goals.
Here What You’ll Get:

  • Class 1: Trading Basics
  • Understanding the Auction Process
  • Candlesticks
  • Viewing and Analyzing Charts
  • Adjusting Time frames on Charts to Provide Insight
  • Profiting from Market Conditions Using Different Types of Trades
  • Picking Options
  • Understanding Sentiment
  • Capitalizing on Supply/Demand Dynamics
  • Technical Analysis and Indicators
  • RSI, VWAP, MA, etc.
  • Lagging Indicators
  • Building Your Watch List
  • Breaking Down Sang Lucci’s Watch List
  • Class 2-3: Options
  • Why We Trade Options In the First Place
  • Options 101
  • Reading an Options Chain
  • Sanglucci’s Equation for the Pricing Options
  • Volatility and How to Profit Off of It
  • Choosing the Underlying Stock
  • Calls vs. Puts
  • Picking Your Strike Prices
  • Traits of In the Money vs. Out of the Money
  • Expiration Dates
  • Weekly Options and Advantages Over Monthlies
  • Class 4: Choosing a Trading Platforms and Broker
  • Priorities for Choosing Platform (especially for options)
  • Adjusting Settings to Maximize Performance
  • Employing Multiple Chart Time frames
  • Class 5: Trading Psychology
  • Personal
  • Challenging Your Fears
  • Taking Losses
  • Managing Winners
  • The Value of NOT Trading
  • The Importance of Building Your Own Trading style and Identity
  • Market
  • How to Manage and Even Capitalize on
  • Headline Risk
  • Anticipating Moves and Avoiding Setups
  • Trading Around Earnings