Simpler Trading – Recipes For Day Trading Futures

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Simpler Stocks – Trend Trading Course – Recipes For Day Trading Futures
Discover the time-tested strategies John Carter, Raghee Horner, and the Simpler Team use to identify high probability intraday Futures trades. You can possibly earn 1,000+ per day in Futures trading even if you are a beginner with a small account.
Here’s What’s Included:      

  • Exploit some simple, high-probability setups the Simpler Team have refined for 20 years. Recipes for Day Trading Futures
  • Crank out consistent weekly profits with five “tried and true” setups(Professional traders have exploited these patterns for decades because they repeat almost like clockwork. These little-known patterns may be all that you will ever need to trade full-time or part-time.)
  • Understand market internal to find the best time to buy, sell or stay out
  • Avoid problematic Futures markets using our simple checklist
  • Leverage Futures price action as a leading indicator to predict major turning points in certain stocks and ETFs. Take full advantage of this secrete tell-tale sign to avoid getting blindsided by sudden reversals.
  • Implement the “bread and butter” trade to achieve rapid account growth with limited risk