Simpler Trading – Futures Freedom Plan

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Simpler Trading – Futures Freedom Plan

Raghee and Danielle will teach traders how to trade futures from square one.
Here’s What’s Included:      

  • Learn Futures 101 – The Blueprint: The How, The When and the Why behind Trading Futures. Learn to read the markets and how they move. Futures Freedom Plan
  • Recommended futures broker (included Raghee and Danielle’s favorites)
  • Step by step trade checklist (with guidelines specifically for smaller and larger accounts)
  • Futures Freedom Plan basics cover Raghee and Danielle’s favorite contracts and WHEN to use them
  • Recognizable Patterns – Proven District trading patterns. Use to BOTH swing and day trade futures (reliable for over 30 years). These include: ‘The Correction/Trend Continuation’ Pattern, ‘The Shift’ Pattern, and ‘The Choppy Market Fade’ Pattern.Futures Freedom Plan
  • How to know when to trade strong trends (and when to exploit reversals in a range)
  • Patterns are KEY – Knowing how to recognize if you should follow the trend, brace for a reversal, or just stay out. This is our focus!
  • Clear entry triggers to find valid setups with confidence (and avoid emotional trading)
  • Objective profit targets to let the market tell you when to get out with gains (and limit risk)
  • Risk and reward parameters for how to rapidly grow a smaller AND large account (even if you can’t watch the market all day)
  • Futures Freedom Plan
  • How to use the Darvas, GRaB, Wave and Propulsion Indicators (provided with class)