Stelios Stylianou – Stocklock Masterclass 2020

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Stelios Stylianou – Stocklock Masterclass PDF  2020

I want to get you day trading profitably every day so you have FULL control over your time!
Notice that I said TIME and not MONEY. Freedom of TIME = The Ultimate FREEDOM! And I’ll be upfront and honest with you … there is no better way to achieve that than through day trading. If you’ve been watching my alerts on Twitter for a while, you’ll know that I do things a bit different. Thanks to my perfected day trading system, I am able to call out alerts way ahead of time. And if you study my rule-based trading strategies, you will be able to do this too. But I’ll get a bit more into that further down this page. Let’s continue.
So what makes me, Stelios, the guy with a Greek accent the right guy to turn you into a self-sufficient, consistently profitable day trader?
Well, my story actually starts a decade back. I first got interested in trading 11 years ago. My dad lost some money when he tried to invest in the stock market and this was the trigger for me. I wanted to know… why so many people lose money with tradingand what about those who win.. what are the winners doing different? So i started studying and searching on the internet and that’s how i found technical analysis. I bought a few books and started learning technical analysis. Then I found on Google all these day traders that seemed to make millions per year with penny stocks. I bought a few courses and I started practising on demo accounts. After a year or so I opened a real $10k account. I blew up that account in 2 months … That really hurt! Big time! So I started studying more. Bought more courses. Learned more strategies. … and i gave it another shot with only a $5k account this time. I blew up my second account in just 3 months … Hey, I lasted a bit longer with my second account at least! I was really frustrated and i was ready to quit. But trading was already in my soul. It had become my passion … almost an addiction, and as in any addiction its hard to quit.
I took the year off and started studying again. I must have spent over $10k in courses in just that 1 year. After hundreds, if not thousands of hours of trial and error, I started seeing some progress and a little bit more consistency. I found 2 strategies that I was actually good at … and I started making them my own … adding and removing my own proprietary rules. That was the period that everything clicked. I was becoming more and more profitable on the demo and I was working on my discipline & mindset.