3-Day Emini and Stocks Online Trading Seminar for Intraday and Swing Traders

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Swing Trader Course

Here is what’s included :

  • Learn the same 12 day trading setups we use everyday
  • 80% win ratios — live trading results, not just back-testing
  • Major focus on mini Dow Futures as well as ES, NQ, ER, Bonds and the Euro Currency
  • Set ups for swing trades and day trades
  • Learn the strategies we use for individual accounts as well as managed funds
  • Learn to exploit specific market conditions to your advantage — every day of the week
  • Learn how to take advantage of Single Stock Futures Learn how we use pit noise
  • Watch us trade the stock index futures and bonds–Live
  • Watch us read the market internals live and develop a trading bias for the day
  • Learn to create a fully developed trading plan

Other Highlights in this day trading seminar:

  • Easy trading pace– no need to trade 30 times a day
  • Includes training on mini-sized stock index futures, bonds, and Single Stock Futures.
  • Plus a strategy geared specifically for the slow afternoon sessions
  • Takes advantage of today’s markets with the highest and most consistent volatility
  • Gives you a complete daily plan with a goal of 80% successful trades
  • Short learning curve for mini contract, futures traders
  • Includes 1 day of live trading– see how it all ties together
  • Instruction includes 3 plays that feed off volatility
  • Receive a step by step outline to create your daily trading business plan