Systradersuccess – System Development Master Class

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  • 4-Module Course To Show You Exactly How To Do It
    Identify Your Key Idea
    Here we clear the decks by quickly and effectively organizing all your trading ideas. This will bring instant clarity on what to tackle first and ensure you’re working on your best ideas. No more wondering what to work on next!. We also quickly eliminate unproductive ideas that might lead to curve fitting and you losing money in the live markets. This step will save you a ton of time and prevent you from costly mistakes down the road. The foundation is set!
    Build Your Trading Model
    You’ll discover my unique way to developing a trading idea by testing different market filters, exit methods and entry techniques in such a way as to avoid curve fitting thus, helping to ensure your trading system will work on the live market. We maximize the system’s profit while reducing the likelihood of creating a losing system. Based upon several simple techniques, we’ll also focus on creating the most robust trading system possible so it can generate profit to your trading account years down the road.
    Validate Your Trading Model
    I reveal my very best techniques to validate your trading system to help ensure it will work well into the future on the live market. This will provide you with the rock-solid confidence you need when launching your strategy to the live market.
    Trade Your Strategy
    Confident in our process we rejoice that we can launch our trading system on the live market. Here I point out the big gotchas when taking a system live an show you how to avoid these potentially costly live-market mistakes. I show you how to monitor your live strategy and how to look for early warnings that might foretell you system is not working correctly. By the end of this modules, you’ll be a system developer ninja ready to repeat the process again and again so you can reach your financial goals!
  • You Get All This:
    Comprehensive Video Training
    I’ll be teaching you how to build trading systems. Content is released each week as I walk you through my process – step by step! During this video demo, we’ll actually be building a complete trading system.
    Weekly Coaching Calls
    During the six week course, we meet weekly on a live coaching call to get your questions answered on the material covered. This is a great way to learn quickly and help ensure you reach your goal to build profitable systems.
    My Personal Development Note Templates
    This is a series of fill-in-the-blank templates which are used to document your progress as you develop, test and discover important information while creating a system. These templates force you to be meticulous, careful and thorough in your development. You can copy these sheets and use them over and over again as you develop systems. Or you can use them as a springboard to create your own.
    Source Code and More!
    Not only do you get video instruction, you get example source code, downloadable templates, and all the tools required to start creating profitable trading systems.
    Direct Email Support With Me
    Send me questions to my very own email. I will read and answer them personally! It’s like having a coach with you.
    Monte Carlo Spreadsheet
    This Excel spreadsheet helps you determine what size trading account you’ll need to trade as well as your likely returns and drawdowns going into the future. Very important!
    Confidence Interval Spreadsheet
    This is another great test to see how your strategy may work going forward in the live market. A powerful test that you should be doing to avoid costly mistakes.
    A Complete Trading System!
    Best of all, you’re going to walk away with a complete trading system for the S&P that you can start trading with right away. This alone is worth well over the small price I’m asking for this class!
  • You’re Going To Master…
    Building systems that work on the live market!
     This video class will show you how to optimize properly, avoid curve fitting and locate trading ideas that have potential to be profitable trading systems.
    Maximize your profits while reducing your risk! I’m going to provide you with a complete blueprint and set of skills for properly testing your trading system. This will help ensure you make money on the live market.
    A Way To Build An Unlimited Number of Strategies! I’m going to provide you with a complete blueprint on building and testing. You can apply this to any instrument, any timeframe! You’ll also avoid many of the common mistakes so many people make. You’ll have the knowhow to build more and more strategies to reach your financial goals.