Jarratt Davis: Ultimate Forex Trading Series

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The Ultimate Forex Trading System PDF

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How to Gain the Ultimate Winninge Edge in Forex Trading

Bonus – Forex Guide to Momentum Trading

The Ultimate Forex Series Program consists of two complementing video courses:

1) The Ultimate Forex Trading Guide

In “The Ultimate Forex Trading Guide”, the first course in the series, I provide traders of all levels a comprehensive overview of my personal Forex trading approach by covering foundational topics such as:

Risk Management – Risk Reward Ratio – Risk Per Trade – Stop Losses – Finding Your Trading Edge – Psychology – Danger of System Chasing – Unrealistic Expectations – Undercapitalization – Lack of Discipline – Market Dynamics – Market Direction – Market Flow – Fractals – Divergence – Trading Tools – Support & Resistance – Fibonacci – Pivot Points – Trading Ranges – Correction Direction – Risk Reduction – Stop Loss Placement – Profit Targets – News – Top Down Analysis and much more…

2) How to Gain the Ultimate Winning Edge in Forex Trading

In the second course – How to Gain the Ultimate Winning Edge in the Forex Trading, I go into detail about how to develop your very own trading edges.

This is a step-by-step guide to help traders gain a full understanding of the nature of trading. It shows you how to create an effective, reliable trading edge that brings consistent profit. Topics covered include:
Why Trading is Similar to Gambling – Why Is it Impossible to Predict the FX Market? – Who are the Market Movers – Finding Your Edge – Identifying Potential Edges – Prove the Edge – Back-testing the Edge – Demo Live Testing – Live Monitoring – The Risk Management Spreadsheet – Stop Losses and Risk Reduction.

These courses together describe not only how a professional trader identifies, plans and executes their winning trades but also how they develop their winning edge to make these successful trades. In tandem these courses focus on steps a professional trader takes when deciding on a winning strategy and how he trades it.