Usingeasylanguage – The Forbidden Pattern Toolbox

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Tradestation Easylanguage Home Study Course

Usingeasylanguage – The Forbidden Pattern Toolbox

The Forbidden Pattern Toolbox
Now you can get a chance to get Murray’s Forbidden Pattern Toolbox early bird with free upgrades for only $249.00 for the next seven days after that it will be $299.00. This toolbox lets you research developing pattern-based systems and automate the process. Conduct months of research in a few hours.
Designed for TradeStation and MultiCharts
Take your research to a whole new level with this fully disclosed powerful tool. In a perfectly random or efficient market, every pattern has an equal opportunity to occur. Theoretically, there are patterns that should not occur due to the underlying deterministic structure. However, they do, and this provides insight into the chaotic or non-random nature of the market. This tool allows you to define a pattern and then analyze all its possible permutations. Is there an 8-bar pattern that reveals one of these forbidden patterns? Have you ever wondered what the market does after three down closes in a row? How about what happens after a pivot low is formed and the RSI is below 30? What happens after two inside bars and a breakout to the downside? All these ideas can be easily tested with this new tool. Can you uncover a technical edge and then put it to work for you? Let’s find out. This code is completely open-source! This package includes several trading systems. Plus you get fully disclosed code for this very clever EasyLanguage addon.
The Forbidden Pattern toolbox is a very powerful tool that is only limited by your own creativity. All source code is provided to help understand the concepts and for customization. Several templates in the forms of indicators and strategies are included to get you started. Here is a quick snapshot of some of those templates.