Fous 4 + Fous 4×2 – New Day Trading Stratgies- Fous Alerts DVD

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Trading Strategies PDF

Here What You’ll Get:

  • 1/ Fous 4 Swing Trade Core Strategy
  • The original Fous4
  • First Learn The Core Strategy
  • What you learn – 7.5 hours
  • How To Swing Trade Small Caps + Penny Stocks Under $10
  • Identify FOUS4 Patterns. Where to Buy/Sell/Profit Targets, Stop Loss.
  • How To Manage And Diversify your Portfolio to Maximize Profits
  • Believe it or Not Trading Psychology is HUGE. Learn How to Think !
  • Hours of Real Trade Examples both Wins/loss Explained in Detail
  • Learn 4 patterns that have made me rich while in my 20’s!
  • 2/ FOUS 4×2- New Day Trading Strategies
  • How To Day Trade penny stocks and small caps under $10
  • How to create Daily Watch Lists which are key to prepping for success.
  • Learn to combine Day Trading patterns into the FOUS4 swing trading strategy.
  • How to Make $1000’s in the first couple house of the session and be done for the day!
  • Real Trade Examples showing how i Banked on FOUS4x2 Patterns.