Pnltrading – Advanced Wyckoff Series

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Pnltrading – Advanced Wyckoff Concert Series

Advanced level Wyckoff course. Prior Wyckoff knowledge is a must to understand this course.
If you have no Wyckoff education get one of our other Wyckoff courses.Why is Wyckoff important to understand market behavior

  • Upthrust after distribution
  • Volume off the bottom
  • The use of reverse trend lines to determine where a market can go
  • How to use Wyckoff when the classical structure isn’t perfect
  • How to use time frames to trade
  • Relative strength and relative weakness of markets. Key to Wyckoff work.
  • Absorption reverse absorption
  • Bag holding stuffing effects on the markets
  • Reaction low before a high
  • Reaction high before a low
  • Axis Lines
  • Terminal spring
  • The best 6 Wyckoff trade setups
  • 1-hour free mentoring