XLT Forex Trading Course

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XLT Forex Trading Course

This advanced course transforms the theory learned in Forex Trader into real world currency trading. You’ll observe and interact with an expert trader/instructor to identify, execute and manage Forex trades in live market situations. Choose your currency pairs then perform guided transactions in the global marketplace. The unique combination of analytic skill-building and practical application gives students the competitive edge needed for success in the Forex trading arena.

Here is what’s included :

  • FX Trading Strategy
    Learn and practice a simple rules-based strategy for momentum, swing, and position trading.
  • Market Turning Points
    Use price charts and pattern recognition to identify turning points in the market with low risk/high reward trading potential.
  • Globalization
    Understand how commodity/Forex market relationships offer long term Forex traders a potential competitive advantage.
  • FX Futures in Practice
    Fine tune your execution and trade management skills by trading currency futures in the live market with your instructor.