Yimmy Young: Bank Trader Training Program ($1,997)

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Here is what’s included :


5 DVDs (Rips) + 1 CD (MP3) + 5 workbooks (PDF) + 3 worksheets (EXL)
Jimmy was remarkable at recognizing changes in the market early on. He kept his mind flexible and adjusted quicker than other traders. This trait is much bigger than trading; it is the successful people in life that adapt to situations and make adjustments. This is a life lesson that Jimmy helped me with in my life.”

Louis Friedman, Foreign exchange trader, Vice President, JP Morgan

worked directly with Jimmy at Manufacturers Hanover“Long before the world talked about risk management, Jimmy was all over the subject. In many ways, Jim was a pioneer on our Spot FX desk, developing trading ideas and models.”

Stephen Flanagan, Executive Director, JP Morgan

worked directly with Jimmy at Manufacturers HanoverLIVE TRAINING

FIVE 75-MINUTE LIVE ON-LINE TRAINING SESSIONS – Your training can be completed in just one week!

  • Session 1: Strategy and Tactics – Jimmy’s Bank trader learned method
  • Session 2: European Breakout System – Jimmy’s European morning trading system
  • Session 3: Jimmy’s Band – Buy and sell trade signals 24 hours a day
  • Session 4: Jimmy’s Software and Other Trading Systems

Session 5: Trading the News – Jimmy’s systems for trading before, during and after key news events