Yoke Wong – Definitive Piano Improvisation Course PART I OF II

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Yoke Wong – Definitive Piano Improvisation Course PART I OF II

Ever wanted to learn to improvise? Most of the non classical music styles in the world, such as rock, jazz, bluegrass and folk are based on improvisation. Improvisation is fun, a great form of self expression and can open doors to many musical worlds.
The video lessons show you how to:
Play piano without depending on sheet music;
Play piano by ear;
Play piano with different chords and chord progressions such as I-IV-V, ii-V-I, I-IV-I, I-vi-ii-V7, and I-vi-IV-V7;
Substitute a basic triad chord with seven other chords;
Re-arrange the melody and chords to make a song sound more beautiful;
Compose your own song using distinctive special effects: thrilling, mellow and warm, chime effect, thunderous, nostalgic, dream-like, etc;
and many more…
Best Tool for Improvisation AwardThe award-winning course features 26 special improvisational techniques and comes with 6 DVDs (11 hours video lessons), 2 CDs (128 audio exercises), one manual (142 pages) and free bonuses. The downloadable version is available.

Here’s What’s Included:      

  • DVD 1
    Pentatonic Scale and Improvisation
    Whole Tone Scales & Improvisation
    Black Keys & Improvisation
    Chords & Improvisation
    Play By Ear
    Right Hand Arrangement Techniques
  • DVD 2
    Left Hand Arrangement Techniques 1
    Left Hand Arrangement Techniques 2
    Slash Chords & Improvisation
    Latin Rhythm Chord Progression
    Canon & Improvisation
    Country Western Improvisation
  • DVD 3
    Color Chord – Major 7th
    Color Chord – Dominant 7th
    Chord Substitutions
    Chord Substitutions Exercises
    Relative Minor Scales
    Color Chord – Minor 7th
    Major and Minor Scales Improvisation
    Silent Night Improvisation
    Middle Eastern Scale Improvisation
    Left Hand Harmonizing (Middle Eastern Scale)
  • DVD 4
    Modes & Improvisation
    Dorian Modes
    Phrygian Modes 1
    Phrygian Modes 2
    Lydian Modes
    Myxolydian Modes
    Locrian Modes
    Extended Chords
    9th Chords
    11th Chords
    13th Chords
    Polytonality 1
    Polytonality 2
  • DVD 5
    New Age Style
    Left Hand Minor Patterns (New Age Style) 1
    Left Hand Minor Patterns (New Age Style) 2
    Left Hand Ostinato Patterns (New Age Style)
    Melody Improvisation
    Blues Improvisation
    12 Bars Blues
    Transposition 1
    Transposition 2
  • DVD 6
    Gospel Style
    Alternate Base/Ragtime Techniques
    Amazing Grace (Ballad Style)
    Amazing Grace (Gospel Style)
    Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
    Aura Lee
    Morning Has Broken
    Michael Row The Boat Ashore
    Good Morning To You (Happy Birthday)
    What A Friend We Have In Jesus
    How Great Thou Art
    If you ever wanted to play like an improv master – this is the perfect home study course! This is the exact same course that’s sold thousands of copies in more than 50 countries. Suitable for both intermediate and advanced piano players – you’ll soon be improvising with the best of them (of course with some practice!!).